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Post  Dragnoxz on Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:13 pm

The EF-2000, most commonly known as the Euro fighter Typhoon is one of the most Agile Fighter. The main use for this fighter is for Dog Fighting, and it is good at high and low altitudes. With future upgrades it will prove to be a major player in future air battles, though low speed and easy to stall it is very dangerous to inexperienced pilots, though fast and unstable opponents that think they can out break the EF-2000 are easily downed, this plane is almost impossible to beat if the EF is in the hands of a experienced pilot.

EF-2000 Ef-20010
EF-2000 Ef-20011
EF-2000 Ef-20010
EF-2000 Ef-20012
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EF-2000 Empty Re: EF-2000

Post  cricket911 on Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:07 am

thats a awesome repaint!! but i am wondering if the gpeo could maybe put two more powerful engines on it. its top speed is 1015 thats as fast as i can get it, and it is still not able to keep up with the b-1b when its going 100% power. the f 18 is like 1200 at 100% so its just a thought. like maybe adapt some of the engines that fit the hornet (f-18) and put them on the ef2000?

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