Operation Errors and Possible Correction Ideas

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Operation Errors and Possible Correction Ideas

Post  Dragnoxz on Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:52 pm

I have noticed a major mistake that many VM's make. They try to plan an operation and asighn individual members for specific roles and missions, but they never work out. Not everyone shows up, or has fun when they know what the outcome of the operations is going to be. Members tend to get bored and just want to talk and fly where ever they want or never follow the direction or orders thet they were given for the mission, or they just forget. With the faction becoming over populated with unintelligent kids thinking they are all that cus they are in a Faction, they will get cocky and get overconfident in their group, which leads to powerstruggles and civil disorders, or even Coups, lol.

If we are to suceed in making a fun VR-World invironment for everyone, we must start war games among ourselves, and or other VM's. When we set a date to have a session for war games among each other, having 2 TCG/Teams as A & B, or Red & Blue Unit can start to get exiting, when one team has a training territory that they call their homeland, and the other trams have their territories then the leader in each unit is on their own, they may eraticate them selves or set up fighter patrols or what ever they want, then no one will know the outcome of any training. war game battles that occur. I will post an idea:

TCG-7 Combat Operation
The enemy today is TCG-4, the only Intel we have on them is that they are operating out of Kodang AB. They may attack so be ready to entersept any possible threats and defend the base at all cost.

TCG-4 Combat Operation
We have to knock out TCG-7 at Siberut AB, it is proving to be a major threat. Intel sujest that enemy fighter activity could be in the area, we must take out the bas at all cost.
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Re: Operation Errors and Possible Correction Ideas

Post  cricket911 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:07 pm

by taking out their base without any further intel we may be springing a trap and may discover that there is more to them that meets the eye. if we take the base we need to be ready for a counter attack but this was in august so... how did it turn out

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