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The Leader of the former ACC has publically stated that the conflict of Feb 09 infact was a GPEO Victory. GPEO is preparing to secure all of the former ACC's positions and is prepared to help support the V Red Cross facilities (which some of the former ACC personnel now operate as) with high tech medical supplies. This act of honesty by the former leader of ACC now proves that there was Honor with in the ACC; we know the ACC fought bravely against the GPEO but was defeated by superior tactics of the ASPL, GPEO and other small factions which have united with GPEO or disbanded.

The bases formerly under the ACC are to be secured by the GPEO and will be converted into new housing, hospitals, industrial parks, markets, and wild life park reserves. The former ACC HQ in North Carolina and the one in the Middle East are to be secured. Chopper patrols will also play a big role in securing areas and airlifting aid to those who were effectid by the war.


The Leader of the former ACC has publically made a statement that it had surrendered honorably and has been disbanded since the war in Feb of 09, and that is was a GPEO Victory; cells of the old ACC are now made up into the V Red Cross. The GPEO is now preparing to secure all of the former ACC's positions and to support the Red Cross facilities with advanced medical tech. Uatia continues to battle their way to victory in Afghanistan. VMC has had a security breach and is now investigating and handling their situation; there was confusion among both GPEO and VMC though the confusion is subsiding and investigations are progressing

Defense Tech

NTF-4 has left port for some trials near Siberut AB and is expected to be at sea to test the speed at which it can traverse through various weather after the war games take place. The EF-2000, F-15GU and F-15E have all had their radar upgrades.


Operation 'Rollfield' is underway and is set to liberate and secure all of the former ACC's Military instillations all over the world and to convert them into productive facilities to help with the continued spread of freedom over the world.
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