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The GPEO is still trying to contact the FSXCF and VNF for political talks, though the GPEO may be starting to feel as if the enemy is doing what they can to stall things as they may be building up their forces in a combined effort to make a last stand against our freedom fighters; should the enemy choose to fight rather than give up they will be desperate and will no doubt fight to the last. Heavy casualties may result should we underestimate the enemy’s capabilities. Though our advances with the radar systems of our fighter craft and new weapons should help out a lot in the air, giving us the main advantage always knowing where the enemy is. The GPEO Black Cards will be recalled and new ones will be handed out to personnel when leaving UCGS territories, the cards will have a purchasing limit of 10,000 a Week. Various training operations will be conducted when pilots are on, that is if pilots are not busy with domestic issues. If there is 3 on pilots could try fighter escorting a cargo while another fighter can attempt to shoot down the escort, sort of like capture the flag style.

Political: --------- There is a new faction, it is unclear if it will operate on the same VR World platform as we do, and political talks are underway. The FSXAF has leased some bases in the American UCGS section; they aim to colonize the VNF oppressed lands in the former New England States once it has been liberated. FSXCF may be disbanding, though this is not confirmed. GPEO may be making use of the Uatian F-16 Stingray that was left to us after the Uatian faction retired them.

Defense: --------- The F-15GU is complete, though the Rockets are a nuisance due to the rockets firing when the throttle is moved back and forth, a vote will be held whether or not we should use them. The Uatian F-16 Stingray is proving to be useful as it undergoes testing; future upgrades could make this plane a powerful addition to the GPEO arsenal.

Domestic: --------- Monetary system 'Black Cards' will be made for GPEO Personnel traveling through non UCGS territories with a spending limit of $ 10,000.00 weekly, instead of daily 5,000.00 due to the nations in which these monetary systems are in place are declaring the cards to having an illegal daily spending limit. The Scar Creak Facility is almost connected with the Vancouver Facility; soon larger equipment will be able to be transported by underground rail systems.

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