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GPEO World News: Sunday, August 30, 2009

As the FSX VR-World grows and new factions rise from nothing, the GPEO continues to prosper. With the GPEO Annexing Canadian lands and new factions rising, the FSX-VR-World may soon start to get more exiting as political talks among factions take off, alliances and treaties may form and potential conflicts could arise to make for the most fun experience for individual pilots of each faction.

Operation ‘Roll Field’ is still underway and there is still more areas formerly under ACC control that have yet to be liberated. The former ACC personnel are still actively keeping important facilities secured and are waiting for GPEO personnel to take over the former ACC post.

Still, in the former city of Tehran, many are suffering and are in need of medical treatment. This tragedy of the past is still wrecking havoc on the once prosperous city, we call upon medical factions to assist in this humanitarian campaign. With the threat of VNF still in the air, it is difficult to fly in unprotected humanitarian aid to those who need it. The African ‘Nourishing Westland’ Campaign is postponed due to there being VNF Forces operating in and around ports that are much needed for the cause. The sooner we secure the Mediterranean the faster and safer we can get the proper medical supplies to the right areas.

GPEO Personnel Black Cards are issued to GPEO members for when traveling into Monetary System territories, and also a patch for Skype or whatever you might want to use it for, just not for toilet paper, lol.

Once members become Active in GPEO they receive an International Defense Service Ribbon.

GPEO has come a long way to this point, we are still learning from imperfections and are correcting them as we arrive to them for those who are new, welcome and for those who have been around keep rocking and having fun.

Note: If you are a Recruit you may find that you were ‘Bright Green’ all were taken off, the reason for this is not that anyone was kicked, but issues have been noticed, some were on the recruits list and were getting recruitment notes when they were not interested in being in the GPEO. So, please if you are wanting to be a recruit and are wanting to become an active GPEO Pilot, sign up in the ‘Recruits’ group and take the training courses to become an Active GPEO Pilot. You will find the tab at the top where is says ‘Usergroups’ and you can sign up in the ‘Recruits’ group. If you have trouble finding it then go ‘Here’. We apologize for the inconvenience.

---------- Political ---------- A new faction in the FSX-VR-World has been established and is colonizing New Zealand, GPEO is offering generous support and resources to help build up a defense force. The leader of the FSX Canadian Forces has made a public statement that their faction has disbanded its forces, and that the land once occupied by them is being ceded to the GPEO, the GPEO has annexed all of Canada temporarily, soon another faction may be established in Canada as a North American Free Society Defense group. The VMC’s communication lines/Team Speak has been getting hacked or spammed continuously over the past few weeks, says one of the VMC high command/leaders; perhaps the hackers/spammers were former VMC members that might have caused trouble in the VMC and were removed and are trying to get back at the group, or former personnel of a group which formed out of VMC as VMF and later fizzled away. The VNF now seems to be laying low still, their leaders continue to belittle the GPEO in hatful and disrespectful manners, though we believe that they will disband due to the lack of leadership and respect from their top command staff.

Defense Tech ---------- The rockets of the F-15GU have been voted on and the pilots agree to remove them from the fighter, the fighters will be commissioned in the next few days. We may be bringing back the F-14 for naval defense and the avionics might be upgraded if pilots desire them to be upgraded similar to the F-15GU. The Uatian F-16A Stingray is proving to be a useful fighter, soon along with the EF-2000’s and F-15’s, we may activate the F-16 and the F-14 into the GPEO fighter arsenal.

Domestic --------- Some might have noticed that all of the ‘Recruits’ have been taken off of the ‘Recruit’ list, the reason is so that when someone signs up on the forums and wants to be on the recruit list they can sign up in the ‘Recruit’ group. As newcomers join the forum some may be looking to become a GPEO member, we ask that you take the time to locate the ‘User Groups’ tab on the forum so that you may sign in as a ‘Recruit’ if you are looking to join. Once a member signs up as a recruit their name will become ‘Light Green.’ This way it is easier to know who is looking to be trained and to become an active pilot in GPEO.

Recruitment and Joining ----------- The GPEO is not like most other faction, we are mostly a ‘Volunteer’ group, we are the kind of group that is hard to find and is the most respectful, with free speech and thought, and free information. Once a person signs up it is encouraged to also sign up on the forum. GPEO MIC communications requirements are: ‘Team Speak’ and ‘Skype’, without these it is difficult to coordinate operations in real time and effectively. Once on the forum there is a tab called ‘User Groups’ if anyone is looking to become a member it is encouraged to sign up in the ‘Recruits’ group, then to locate the ‘Training’ section and request one of the administrators/instructors to train or put you through a training course/field exam to see where you are with your flight skills and if you are ready to pass without having to go through training, during your training or after you will be moved to the ‘GPEO Members’ section. To be part of the ‘Honor Group’ you must be a retired military or war veteran, ex-military pilot, or active military.

Training & War Games ---------- New VM’s are popping up in the FSX-VR-World all over, opportunities for join operations, war games, and red flag operations may start to take off in the coming days. With more VM’s and political movements taking place in the VR World, alliances and conflicts may start to take place, this means more fun for everyone.

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