Operation Desert Eagle

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Operation Desert Eagle

Post  Spartan on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:43 pm

Background: There was a meetign with all the leaders of all the VMs. After it was over, everyone left on their planes except one. They were from the faction called DHL, or Defenders of the Homeland. During the week long convention, the had mentioned that was was possible. It is coming into being.

Simoultaneously, the FSXAF, VNF, and GPEO jets were hijacked by what was considered a "rougue" cell of the DHL. In the rear of the GPEO plane, 1LT Killer contacted the GPEO High Command in Vancouver, where they are stationed for the time being. He told the story. The 2 fighter escorts were notified, and they fired a warning missile over the 787. The 787 contacted air traffic control, and said they were to land at San Antonio Int'l for their demands.

They landed safely on the tarmac at San Antonio, and delivered the harsh ultimatum: Surrender our Homeland NOW or peris beneath your own soil. After it was given, the US 1st Special Operations Detatchment- Delta, surrounded the plane. The small team of 5 men was comprised of Jaster, Spartacus, and 3 other real people not in our VR World [Tweake, Cade and Adam) In 25 seconds, every member of the DHL on the GPEO plane was killed [and t-bagged.] However, the other 2 hijacked planes were still in the air. They landed and met the same fate in Mexico City and Maxwell AFB in Alabama

As that was happening, in Jordan, the DHL launched a mass air assault on GPEO controleld Iraq, followed by a ground assault. Within hours, the DHL was outside Baghdad. At that time, the GPEO-IrCENTCOM surrendered. However, the GPEO High Command in the Middle East, out of OIAJ, decieded it was time to regroup in the Iranian Desert, and launch a counterattck...

THE MISSION: GPEO High Command has issued Operation 98535, codenamed Op. Desert Eagle. The GPEO Air force is to provide support, and some transportation into, and out of enemy controlled territory. It is known that the DHL fighter Squadrons are low in experience, but their ground forces are elite, so much air-ground support will be needed. This will be more than just capturing enemy held airbases, it requires that our forces liberate the desert surrounding them.

F15E-16Ds will provide close air support, while EF-2000s and F15GUs will provide air cover. We need C130s to to send in paratroppers and special forces at night, because this operation takes place under the cover of darkness. We also need pilots for: UH1, AH1, MH/OH6, UH60, and AH64, for utility, transport, and close air support. We need AWACS to set up all missions within the operation.

As for the DHL, we need pilots to defend against our awesome air power, because without it, we cannot win this battle.

GPEO Satellite imagery will be released the day of scenario

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Re: Operation Desert Eagle

Post  Dragnoxz on Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:37 am

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