Dog Fighting and Training Note: A

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Dog Fighting and Training Note: A

Post  Dragnoxz on Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:06 pm

Try to keep the G-Level lower than 8-9 G's at Max. Some pilots tend to go 2000+ to get away, then pull back to get their opponents in the HUD; if this happens instructors are instructed to fail their trainee and to continue training untill the trainee learns how to dog fight realistically, if this means putting on full realism settings. Also going past 8-9 G's, pilots must work on keeping their eyes on the G-Meeter to keep from passing 8-9 G's. In relity, fighter pilots dont normaly take 9+G's unless when in chase or trying to keep their opponent in the HUD, if you are trying to keep from being shot down 'go slow and maneuver fast' in unpredictable ways. if a pilot was to take 9-10 G's they most likeley will pass out after a second or two, I mean a split second of 11-12 might be possible, but avrage pilots would pass out and possibly get brain damage, remember a brain is soft and when it becomes 10X heaver it is like being punched by a boxer.
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