Capture the Cargo

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Capture the Cargo

Post  Dragnoxz on Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:49 pm

Capture the Cargo:

One Cargo or a Group of Cargo planes take off from one place and have a set destination to fly to, but fighters will take off from airbases and attempt to capture the cargo planes and divert their course to the fighters base of operation, in this case should a fighter form up to a cargo the cargo is to be escorted by the fighter to the fighters base. Though if the fighter gets counted on and gets shot down and another fighter from another base forms up on the cargo the cargo yet again mush change course to follow the other fighter or fighters to their base where ever that may be.

Cargo takes off from its base and has a set flight plan to another location

Fighters from several different bases take off and attempt to capture the cargo plane and divert it to their start base

If cargo is already being escorted when another flight of fighters arrive or locate the cargo then they are to eliminate the opposition and capture the cargo plane and divert it to their start base and vice-versa

Eliminated fighters must fly back or re-spawn back to their start base to attempt to re-capture the cargo

If and when the cargo reaches its destination without fighters then all fighter units lose and the cargo wins, though the cargo must follow whatever direction the fighter escorting them give

The 1st fighter unit to have the cargo land at their start base wins

If all fighters are engaged and there is no one escorting the cargo, the cargo has the choice to continue their original flight plan, while all other fighters are engaged and occupied.

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