F-15 Capabilities & Use

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F-15 Capabilities & Use

Post  Dragnoxz on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:34 pm

The F-15 is a big, fast and is a heavy fighter that has more than enough thrust and can reach speeds of 600-700+ at full speed, and when using afterburners it can reach speeds of 1,600-1,700 and at high altitudes can hit 2,000+ ground speed, though using afterburners uses up fuel faster than normal thrust. Newer models are more fuel efficient. The F-15 can fuel up in the air using a boom from tankers; this requires practice by individual pilots. In the hands of skilled pilots this plane can maneuver well at low altitudes in a controlled stalling type turn, using the power that the plane has without losing altitude or speed (While in a turn a pilot can pull all the way back on the stick while maneuvering the plane into a controlled stall, and if the pilot is using both thrust they can full throttle on the outside of the planes turn engine giving the plane a tighter turn, but if the plane starts  losing altitude then applying more speed to the inside engine will stabilize the plane better, and using the rudder all at the same time helps. The inside and outside means that when in a left turn the engine on the left is the inside and the right one is the outside, and visa-verse. This craft can also use this maneuver at higher altitudes).

The F-15 can taxi well, but if the plane is going too fast into a turn then it can roll over. When at higher speeds the plane cannot maneuver in a corkscrew roll, and at slower speeds it is stiff at the corkscrew maneuver also.

The F-15 in GPEO is mainly used for Air Superiority, Fast response Intercepting (Parking at the end of a base on stand by ready to intercept potential threats), and high speed Bomber Interceptors. The F-15E or GU can also Bomb strategic targets.
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