Lights and a/b on $nake's f-16

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Lights and a/b on $nake's f-16

Post  rubendal on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:12 pm

Hey guys here's some pics of some lights and the afterburner that I put on $nake's f-16. New lights were put on the tail, top of fuselage, intakes, and wing tips, plus the a/b effect. I can send you the files if anyone wants them. (at the bottom) I know my graphics fail, but so does this comp. I've got them on low for the frames. Anyways this is just to show you the lights lol. This is my first time puttin pics on a post so hopefully I did it right and you can see them.

Here's the files to install the lights. Be warned this will undo any previous modifications to the aircraft.cfg and the panel.cfg. The lights, afterburner effect, and afterburner controller are at the following link: file/qmhqmmwdyvl/F16 lights.rar
Credits to me for puttin the lights on. To Microsoft for creating the light effects (lol). To whoever made the craft, Kirk Olsen I guess, and $nake for the repaint I guess. And to the author and maker of for the afterburner effect and controller.
Hope it works for you.
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