C-130 Hercules Capabilities and Spec's

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C-130 Hercules Capabilities and Spec's Empty C-130 Hercules Capabilities and Spec's

Post  bassace08 on Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:58 pm

The C-130 Hercules primarily performs the intratheater portion of the
airlift mission. The aircraft is capable of operating from rough,
dirt strips and is the prime transport for para-dropping troops
and equipment into hostile areas. Basic and specialized versions
perform a diversity of roles, including airlift support, DEW Line
and Arctic ice resupply, aeromedical missions, aerial spray missions,
fire-fighting duties for the US Forest Service, and natural
disaster relief missions.

Military Variants:

C-130A/B/E/F/G/H/T tactical airlifter

C-130J Super Hercules tactical airlifter, with new engines, avionics, and updated systems

AC-130A/E/H/U Spectre/Spooky gunship

C-130D/D-6 ski-equipped version for snow and ice operations United States Air Force / Air National Guard

DC-130A/E and GC-130 unmanned aerial vehicle control

EC-130E/J Commando Solo USAF / Air National Guard psychological operations version

EC-130E Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC)

EC-130H Compass Call, electronic warfare and electronic attack.[13]

EC-130V AEW variant used by USCG for counter-narcotics missions [14]

HC-130N / P / P/N USAF aerial refueling tanker and combat search and rescue

HC-130H/J USCG long-range surveillance and search and rescue

JC-130 and NC-130 temporary and permanent conversion for flight test operations

KC-130F/J/R/T United States Marine Corps aerial refueling tanker and tactical airlifter

LC-130F/H/R USAF / Air National Guard ski-equipped version for Arctic and Antarctic support operations. Several examples formerly operated by the United States Navy's Antarctic Development Squadron SIX (VXE-6) in support of the National Science Foundation subsequently transferred to the Air National Guard for the same mission

MC-130E/H Combat Talon I/II (special operations)

MC-130W Combat Spear (special operations)[15]

MC-130P Combat Shadow (special operations)

YMC-130H three modified under Operation Credible Sport for second Iran hostage crisis rescue attempt

PC-130 maritime patrol

RC-130 reconnaissance

SC-130 search and rescue

TC-130 aircrew training

VC-130 VIP transport

WC-130A/B/E/H/J weather reconnaissance ("Hurricane Hunter") version for USAF / Air Force Reserve Command in support of the NOAA/National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center

CC-130E/H Hercules - designation for Canadian Forces Hercules aircraft

C-130K Hercules designation for Royal Air Force Hercules C1/C2/C3 aircraft

(alot huh?)


Crew: 3-4: (two pilots, navigator, flight engineer/loadmaster)
Payload: 51,050 lb (23,150 kg)
Length: 112 ft 9 in (34.37 m)
Wingspan: 132 ft 7 in (40.4 m)
Height: 38 ft 3 in (11.6 m)
Wing area: 1,745 ft² (162.1 m²)
Empty weight: 77,740 lb (35,260 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 155,000 lb (70,300 kg)
Power-plant: 4× Allison 501-D22A turboprops, 4,510 hp (3,360 kW) each

Maximum speed: 308 knots (354 mph, 570 km/h) at 20,000 ft (6,060 m)
Cruise speed: 292 kn (336 mph, 540 km/h)
Range: 1,334 nmi (1,535 mi, 2,470 km)
Ferry range: 4,830 nmi (2,360 mi, 8,950 km)
Service ceiling: 23,000 ft (7,000 m)
Rate of climb: 1,830 ft/min (9.3 m/s)


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C-130 Hercules Capabilities and Spec's Empty Re: C-130 Hercules Capabilities and Spec's

Post  Dragnoxz on Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:33 am

Umm, Bass, this looks like you coppied it from a site or something, did you actually get in FSX to see what the turn rate, stall speed, shortest runway each can land on, Estimated distance in FSX, stress max speed with out over stress, max G capability, time it takes from full speed to stall speed in level flight, max angle of dive and speed to G ratio, max angle of attack, max taxi speed for turning (combat taxing), etc.

Things our cadets might need to know. Things like the systems, (maybe pics of the VC & 2D ?) Giving examples of where things are, how to use the systems, like C-130 Radar, etc. It would be a little different than the fighter area because this is cargo, but non the less it is simelar.

I know things like that take time, but it is also knowledge and thing you also might learn in the process, that is why as much information needs to be figured out about the planes, lol. So you will know everything about it and have your knowledge written up and posted. If you need me to work with you on some details I will try to find time for it if you want. And I can give you FS-Panel Studio, and can teach you how to use it for editing the VC and 2D customly so you will be ableto put in a AP, Radar, GPS, Radio, ILS, etc. So after we get all of the details of the craft together and new paints we can post it in the 'Aircraft' forum area.

Also, for other pilots that are looking to become an officer for craft they too can also help out on the research and development of the craft. I know Daniel12USA (I think) is interested in the Cargos, and so is Airwolf and Coolman, all 4 of you could work together to develope the 3 different cargo planes (together) to come up with nice paints, panels, write a thing or take a pic of the pannels and put in tabs (simelar to the F-15GU panel and VC pics) with information on each gauge (where they are all at), and come up with a base instead of making a base first. I can come up with a site for this base (a place where a base might be needed) Maybe the Middle East, Indonesia, Canada (near Scar Creak) Homestead AFB is not being used much, France, South Tip (SCGZ) could be used for Cargo Training, and a small base could be set up in the Amazon, along with small runways all over for paratrooper drops, C-130 landings, Coastal landings, Combat landings and wargames, etc. These are ideas that we all can work on together.

Sonce you and Coolman are old GPEO members and are technically officers, and those other recruits are not trained all the way, both you and coolman can work together to train them, getting credit for training them and then becoming training officers fot the cargo training area. You both complete leadership training if you can pass those 2 guys and they become flight officers ready for war games, supply flights or combat operations. Though Coolman being a senior pilot with combat action and all would be the lead instructor officer, you even though you are phisically older would be the nomber 2 training officer, ether way you both would have administrator rights for the Cargo forum. This way when recruits join they choose wther one of you for their training, or you both train then. This also shows and desplays that GPEO infact does have a atructure despite what many think. I can write up a bigger picture in the GPEO Consept Idea area where we have those examples, and show the current and planned structures. (I am going to do that infact).

So, I hope this explains alot, while you and coolman are working on the cargo sctions, training pilots, etc; you earn your leadership awards (though I might have to create another ribbon, lol), this way you all have something to do together. If you have questions post them and I can answer them, this way when someone has the same question they can see the answer (though post it in the "Questions & Help" area), that way the forum stays organized.

Correction, Daniel12USA might be primarily for choppers though I think he likes cargos too, Airwolf already is a Flight Officer for Gargos (Rosscoe trained him, I think). Ether way, the sooner you guys start work on this the faster you get Moderator rights to the cargo forum area. Amd during the time you do this research, test flight and all, it shows how real militaries work in a way, testing capabilities, doing actual flights and learning as you go along, getting flight experianc. During the time you are doing this you might as well be the moderators for the cargo forum because you will actually be geining the knowledge of the craft as you go, and at the same time could be training pilots for things you already know and things you are finding out. During training you and the recruit could write notes, you as training officers could be writing notes to help improve the training methods, and the recruit could be writing note they might need to or want to remember.

You are the Pioneers of this Cargo thing. We all are Pioneers of this group, alwayse evolving and learning together. Because we do this so well we are Elite Pioneers. We are made up of members from all over the world and all walks of life, which means we are Global Pioneers. We are Organized with out a chain of order restricting us; this is why we are the "Global Pioneers Elite Organization". We are a group that is meant to fly as free flyers, to get away from reality and to have fun. This is the Freedom part of GPEO. We don't need to prove domonince over other factions or groups, they will eventually join us in the long run or attack us because they will see that we are having fun. With out a chain of order, but a with a unified bond of frends making up a organized team. Chains restrict and enslave, we dont need a chain of order or control, we are wild and free, lol. Get it now ?
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