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GPEO News Cast- November 12, 2009

"Lieutenant General Big Bob C," of the Virtual Marine Corp, has contacted us about conducting a joint operation with the VMC. The details are unclear though we warn them that planning an operation ahead of time may not work as planned just as many other factions have done; though in fact an operation written up for when many pilots and members are on would be a more effective plan to doing operations. Operations are good, fun when things go right, though planned operations never work out it is the unpredictable events in operations that make operations fun. A Proposal of an operation scenario called “Capture the Cargo” which can last a long time or a short time, also this sort of operation can be done with choppers. Operation design: A Cargo craft has a set course from point A-to-B, fighters from Areas 1-and-2 are to intercept the cargo but not shoot it down, rather “capture” it and direct it t their area which is ether 1-or-2, flight one comes from area-1, and flight two comes from area-2 or air base 1-or-2. Note that multiple areas and units can be added, and same goes for the cargo craft. Objectives of these kind of operations are to locate a cargo or multiple cargo craft and eliminate whatever escorts it might have if any, and to guide the cargo craft to their intended landing area, Though if the cargo is unescorted by a flight it is to continue its original flight plan. If a fighter or craft is eliminated then they are to re-spawn at their start base and make another attempt at their objective again. Example: Cargo flight plan is to fly from KMGE-to-KNQX, fighter units using KMCF for fighter unit-1 and unit-2 from KCOF are to intercept the cargo and make sure it lands at their start base; and note that even though fighters may be in the area of the cargo they must be within at least 2.0 miles in order for the cargo to follow their instructions, otherwise the cargo may continue its course to its original destination. This operation can be won by ether flight and even the cargo, should the cargo somehow make it to their destination; though should the cargo be eliminated then it is game over for all. Idea for a scenario of why the cargo should not be eliminated or destroyed is that: There is a means to a cure for a global pandemic that kills everyone it infects and it is up to the fighters to get that cure to their first. This type of operation can be done with as little as 3 pilots, a cargo and 2 fighters.

A major historical event has occurred for the UIA, they have managed to expose the VRC as being a cover name for the ACC agenda, and revealed that their goal was to bring forth the down fall of the GPEO and paid a bounty hunting faction billions to attack the UCGS which is a civilian community, the same community the ACC leadership allowed its factions to nuke.

Several new factions have been established and evidence suggest that they also aim to split up the UCGS in order to expand their interests into the regions of the Free Society; many believe the UCGS is a Communist style institution, though that is far from the reality of it all, the UCGS is a resource based community of freedom, unity and peace.

The VMC is conducting operations and sometimes calls on us to participate in joint operations with them.

The UMEF and WCF have united into WDF (World Defense Forces) though it could be a good move or an ingredient for future issues among leadership agendas.

There is a 'controversy' of most of the land of the GPEO or UCGS leadership. The GPEO will have everyone know that we fought for it and earned it over time, unlike most other factions that are using its old lands and areas. The UCGS is made up of mostly land freed by the GPEO or annexed over time. Once the GPEO has liberated a region it moves back to its bases, without the need to 'control' population. Those living in the UCGS would never choose to live controlled or ruled by military factions, it would limit their freedoms greatly, and this is why the GPEO guards the UCGS, to uphold the freedom of the UCGS. The ultimate reason to fight is freedom, not control. We warn factions that seek control over the UCGS inhabitants to look elsewhere for expansion; global rite of passage is enabled for all factions as long as they are no armed with lethal weapons. Food and resources are available while in the community regions, if the personnel of each faction wish to keep appliances, electronics and other resources it is their burden.

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