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January 4, 2010

After tensions about the UCGS, several factions aimed at destroying this peaceful community declared a state of war on it along with the GPEO. Mostly cargo planes aimed at capturing bases and strategic locations, also UMEF bombers were deployed. One base and a civilian airport used for humanitarian aid for the regions affected by a nuclear attack months before were bombed and destroyed. Several airports in the Middle East were captured by UMEF and WCF, along with a marine invasion force that captured Siberut Air Base. In the US Regions parts of the Carolinas were invaded by FSXCG forces along with a possible invasion force build up on West Virginias East borders.

As enemy forces were moving into the Indonesian area GPEO Fighters were scrambled to intercept and downed the airborne invasion forces that were believed to capture Singapore, which is an important port city which builds GPEO Naval Ships and is a major shipping port. All enemy craft were taken down in the Iraqi airspace, and a retaliation force was deployed to secure areas that were captured by UMEF forces in the Middle East. Several FSXCG choppers believed to be a secondary invasion force were taken out by GPEO attack choppers while they were en-route to their suspected targets. Siberut was reclaimed by friendly forces after a long morning of intense ground battles on the Island. After places were liberated in the Middle East GPEO forces moved into Kuwait and then began conducting bombing strikes on military targets in UMEF territory in the Israeli and Lebanon areas. In the US regions GPEO forces moped up enemy forces and proceeded to invade FSXCG territory, eventually captu
ring all major military bases and securing their capital city.

GPEO Forces managed to go from defensive to offensive within a few hours against a force that outnumbered it, over 20+ enemy craft were downed and several thousand enemy troops were eliminated or captured. 2 GPEO aircraft were downed by neutral aircraft in the confusion and were taken down; these neutral fighters eventually sided with friendly forces and assisted the GPEO downing an unknown number of enemy craft.

After the international brawl enemy forces were requesting a cease fire, to re-organize their forces. Reports of enemy forces incompetence were showing as they became unorganized during the battle. Talks about a peace treaty are underway.

---------- Political ---------- Several groups have declared war on the GPEO, claiming that the UCGS is a Buffer Zone for its defense. After a day of battle a cease fire was agreed due to the attackers losing the offensive. In response to nuke threats the USEA launched defensive measures to reduce and possibly prevent a possible nuclear exchange. A vote was held to remove the UCGS markings from the maps, 100% voted to remove the UCGS from the map; Realizing that the UCGS was in fact a civilian community and not a military faction, and that only political factions are marked on the maps. Talks are underway for possible peace treaties to be signed. However another VR-World has surfaced, and those factions who declared war seem to have fled the original VR-World that GPEO operates on to their own copied version of the original VR-World, possibly so they can rule and dominate without earning their power, and without GPEO in their way. – The Uatian faction has re-established in
the middle of this global action as well as some other factions; and an international mercenary defense group is also operating in the VR-World as the defense force for the neutral territories, so from now on when factions attempt to invade neutral areas they will have to fight for it and earn their land.

Domestic --------- After a recent declaration of war, a GPEO base OIAJ, and a civilian airport have been bombed, and many places have been captured by enemy forces; however GPEO forces have liberated all occupied places and has gone on the offence, a cease fire has been negotiated and a peace treaty may eventually be signed. GPEO pilots raked in 20+ enemy craft without losing a friendly plane to enemy action; however 2 GPEO planes were downed by neutral forces out of confusion, in which these neutral forces eventually joined the GPEO in the fight, downing some of the enemy forces. During the conflict GPEO Bombers disabled several targets in UMEF territory in Israel, and Task Force 4 has begun to track a large group of ships in the Indian Ocean believed to be the force used to invade Siberut AB. USEA is continuously tracking them with IFR Satellite images showing 3 Carriers and several support vessels, the USEA has a plan just in case these ships attempt to attack again using
the SSF-02 to disable them using EMP and Jamming technology.

Defense Tech ---------- The USEA has launched the second SSFX craft, SSFX-02 or SSF-02, it launched from the Scar Creak Facility and has docked at the USEA Space Station, in response to nuke threats made by enemy forces. Its duty will be to scramble in the event of a nuclear exchange to reduce civilian casualties and prevent an apocalypse scenario. The other SSFX-01 is being overhauled with an extra pulse blocker shield to place in front of the USEA Space Station in case a laser style weapon is shot toward it.

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