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GPEO News Update 1/09/10

FSX Capital Guardians and Wild Card Forces have signed an official peace treaty with the GPEO. FSXCG agreed to cease all hostilities, FSXCG Annexed the Northern areas of the New England States along with the East half of West Virginian Mountain Region. GPEO Forces have begun to withdraw from FSXCG territory and have set up Fighter Patrols along its borders. WCF has also signed a peace treaty, agreeing to no longer show aggression, and may agree to the GPEO having Stewart Island off the South Islands Coast. UMEF however has not signed a peace treaty; it is unclear if they aim to continue tensions with GPEO out of direct hatred.

After a long debate on the UCGS being marked on the global maps an international vote was taken that would remove the UCGS markings from the international map. It was realized that UCGS was in fact not a Military faction there for there was no reason for this civilian community to be marked on the international political maps. GPEO will however continue to operate in some of the specific regions in which GPEO has bases in for humanitarian aid and relief efforts, and also will most likely have defense unite operating to defend the humanitarian forces in the regions. Neutral forces may however be operating in the neutral regions, some might even be operating in the bases that GPEO operates in, however they are not GPEO forces nor are they under GPEO leadership.

Factions aiming to expand might be met with neutral welcoming parties of neutral, lone-wolf or mercenary fighters aiming to defend the neutral/unclaimed regions. These neutral forces (mainly made up of Mercenary forces, lone-wolf pilots or independent fighter groups that are not part of any factions) do not own or occupy the neutral areas. They primarily operate out of and act as the forces of the unclaimed/neutral lands. However these neutral groups, or independent flyers cannot do their operations as easily without a 24/7 server, so in the event of a 24/7 server these neutral forces would be able to operate at any time, conducting their patrols, black or defense operations in neutral/unoccupied lands along with the established factions. These forces are not under the command of any established factions; they operate independently with their own leaders, or individual pilots act alone; however they might be called upon by various factions, possibly for any purpose for employment, though it is up to the neutral/mercenary forces whether or not if they choose to assist anyone.


---------- Political ---------- WCF, FSXCG and GPEO have signed a peace treaty, however the UMEF rejects peace offers and a Cease Fire still is in place in the Middle East. - The Uatian Government is undergoing active trading with several factions. Uatia plans to assist the GPEO to help kick start it's Chopper Training Program. GPEO is exporting goods and supplies to Uatia. - WCF and USSAS seem to have had a clash and an un-confirmed nuclear launch from USSAS to WCF territory was said to have been scrubbed and failed while en-route to their targets. If a nuclear exchanged had occurred the USEA SSFX-02 would have been deployed in order to prevent an apocalyptic catastrophe. In response WCF sailed a Carrier across the Pacific to a port in Vancouver in UCFS territory, directly disobeying the GPEO Pacific Territorial demilitarized zones. WCF Ships will be escorted back across to their home land un-armed by GPEO Vessels.

Domestic --------- Planed war games are to start spicing up the group, along with possible "Black Operations". - An experimental F-22 was test piloted by 2nd Lt. '$nake' of the GPEO and after the test flight and just about to land a landing gear hydraulic failure occurred and the plane had to conduct a belly landing at Homestead ARB, now Homestead is an Active Air Force Base for the GPEO with several aircraft undergoing tests and cargo planes used for humanitarian and re-supply operations. Homestead also now houses some B-52 Bombers which are also ready for deployment.

Defense Tech ---------- New defense technologies are being talked about for the Scar Creak Facility areas, such as Barrage Balloons, grappling-hook launchers which could be triggered just in front of fast moving craft, and smoke screens for blinding potential enemy pilots in the event of an attack. The barrage balloons could be deployed at key locations to block specific canyons from all kinds of potential hostile craft.

Training ---------- Several training operations have been ongoing in the past few months. GPEO is soon to re-estate some veteran pilots; however some of them seem wary about having to conduct re-instatement flight tests due to their seniority, though for their long absence these re-instatement tests must be taken. This ‘re-instatement process’ is to make sure these veterans pilots are up to current GPEO Flight Officer Standards. A few of these veterans are also switching their primary roles, for example fighters transferring to cargo or bomber to chopper, etc. Current Flight Officers also may be undergoing flight test to see if they, too are up to GPEO standards.


Planned War Game today is set for 14:00 EST – 19:00 GMT

An Operation may span over a long period of time today, making it possible for many to get in on the action, details on the operation rules are laid out below, friendly factions may also participate. Operational location details will be explained at the start and during the operation, if pilots join in during the operation. Details of the type of operation are explained below.

Operation Capture the Cargo:

One Cargo or a Group of Cargo planes take off from one place and have a set destination to fly to, but fighters will take off from airbases and attempt to capture the cargo planes and divert their course to the fighters base of operation, in this case should a fighter form up to a cargo the cargo is to be escorted by the fighter to the fighters base. Though if the fighter gets counted on and gets shot down and another fighter from another base forms up on the cargo the cargo yet again mush change course to follow the other fighter or fighters to their base where ever that may be.

Cargo takes off from its base and has a set flight plan to another location

Fighters from several different bases take off and attempt to capture the cargo plane and divert it to their start base

If cargo is already being escorted when another flight of fighters arrive or locate the cargo then they are to eliminate the opposition and capture the cargo plane and divert it to their start base and vice-versa

Eliminated fighters must fly back or re-spawn back to their start base to attempt to re-capture the cargo

If and when the cargo reaches its destination without fighters then all fighter units lose and the cargo wins, though the cargo must follow whatever direction the fighter escorting them give

The 1st fighter unit to have the cargo land at their start base wins

If all fighters are engaged and there is no one escorting the cargo, the cargo has the choice to continue their original flight plan, while all other fighters are engaged and occupied. Nore: This can also be done with choppers as well.

Remember to not count too fast when dog fighting your opponents, and have fun and prepare to ROCK!

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