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GPEO Newcomers News - January 18, 2010:

This weekend, as with most weekends, are mostly the best times for training. During the week may be a better time for recruits to figure out the primary role that they wish to be recognized for. It might be better to train for one role at a time, but it is up to you guys on how much time you prefer to put into training; whether it is multiple roles at once or one at a time. A single role can be completed within a weekend, or a month, though some individuals may need more time due to family or restricted time on line at a time. Remember each role takes time but in the end pilots earn awards and may fly as if they are one with the craft.

As individuals and freedom lover’s sign up into the 'Recruits Group' they may remain in the 'Recruits Group' for a while, and a few weeks of activity and some training recruits are moved onto the member’s area. Some join GPEO for excitement and adventure, to earn awards, the cause of freedom, to make friends, to learn, or to teach. Though with a difference in opinions, ones seeking to control, or destroy GPEO from within tend to happen; which is not meant to discourage anyone from being in the group, but in fact makes things more exciting as if it was real life. Things like this happen and we are here to make a stand, to display our freedom and even fight for it (virtually). On occasion, old members may leave and start factions in the VR-World we operate in, to fight us out of anger of not being able to restrict or control GPEO. This can be where we earn combat victories rather than training or practice victories, because when we are making a stand for freedom against another faction trying to or aiming to restrict or take down ours, we do not try to train on the factions we wage war with, we actually do what we can to not get counted on/shot down and to down the enemies first, because it is just that, a war or conflict in which we are waging against enemies of freedom. It makes things fun, both for them and for us. Even though they may hate us we all still have fun.

While the GPEO and other factions enter agreements, political talks, things could get edgy and spark wars or conflicts in which members of the groups go out and battle one another. Though we cannot actually use weapons in FSX we use our imagination, we have the whole world to operate in and can see and imagine what it could just be like if a real battle occurred there, though some tend to get bored with a lack of war, but that should not discourage anyone from leaving or to cause one by leaving and starting one. There are many things to do without war, such as war games, humanitarian operations, black operations, training and aircraft testing operations, and even transportation of craft, cargo and even learning how to make bases, scenery, painting our own custom paints on our craft, and making friends from outside of GPEO so that more can join the group, to learn and expand our influence of freedom. Much like how the real world prepares itself in the event of a future conflict or war.

Some may seem bored every once in a while thinking that war or a change in system is the way to get more action, though the fact is that the members are what make the activity, and when members don’t communicate to one another, to train together, to get in session and just fly, do war games using the examples in the forums or even making up new ones to rock with in the future. Lack of GPEO activity is mostly due to a lack of communication. There is nothing stopping us as individual GPEO members from gathering together, making friends within the group, starting a session and flying together, and maybe even recruit so we have more members that might be experienced in some of the roles; making it easier to fill in the roles Training/Evaluation Officers positions, which could be training pilots and kicking off more activity so there is never an end to the action and activity in GPEO. This group is good for making friends, learning, flying, having fun, and truly stands for the cause of, 'Freedom'.

Members can choose a primary role to be recognized for, (Bomber, Fighter Chopper, and Cargo) or load different craft, test them all, and figure out what they truly wish to fly and learn about. By writing a PM to one of the training instructors/moderators that are on the training area and scheduling training sessions we can begin to grow and learn from one another. (Though we need more of these Training/Evaluation Officers in order to get trained, which is part of the reason GPEO might not seem as active). There is only one way to go in GPEO, and that is to Advance up. We hope everyone has fun and enjoys the group.

Welcome to GPEO!

For those who are unfamiliar to the forum it might be a good idea to take their time to get use to it, and maybe read and catch up on some of the topics that are posted. For those of you aiming to become an active GPEO Flight Officer, there are steps to take before you begin to start running. Such as for those that are signed up to the forum that wishes to officially join the group there is a “Recruits Group” to join, locate the “Usergroups” tab at the top. Then join the “Recruits Group”.

From there contact a “Training/Evaluation Officer” (If one is available for the role you are interested in) for the next steps. We apologies for the group only having a Training/Evaluation Officer for 2 roles, but we aim to train and get more up there soon. (Who knows, you might be the next one?).

Last war game operation ended with the success for the cargo. The cargo made it to their destination from KNQX-to-KCRW. We hope to have a return flight with another ‘capture the cargo’ war game scenario again, maybe during every other weekend. Either way, if only one shows up, as the cargo and no one else does then we all can agree that the cargo will win by making it to its destination. The scenario is made very simple so that everyone has the opportunity to win, including the cargo. It is the basic combat scenario in which many combat operations have been done during past conflicts. We hope that for the next time this is planned we have more taking part in the action.


Headline Announcements:

Political ---------- GPEO has delivered 2 F-14D fighters to the Uatian Government, and is preparing to fly over more when able. Uatia and USSAS have formally joined into partnership. FSXCG and GPEO have conducted peaceful operations together recently. While FSXCG and GPEO use to be at a state of war then after a state of a cease fire with tensions, this operation has hopefully helped to lower past tensions and to open a long lasting peace in the region.

Domestic --------- As pilots continue to train, plans of future 'black operations' are in the works as well as a proposed 'International Training Facility'. - We hope for a 24/7 "FSX VR-World" Session to be put up soon so that our faction as well as many others could conduct operations daily, making for almost 24/7 action.

Recruitment and Joining ----------- After joining the "Recruits Group" members can contact the "Training/Evaluation Officers" and schedule sessions for training, though with a lack of trained instructors there is a limited option that we aim to fix by training more.

Training ---------- Weekend Training Operations continue to make progress. We also are working on another training method to help pilots that have difficulties with the lack of frame rates due to slower computers or laptops. With the use of Flight Simulator 2004, we hope to one day be able to get a training program going to better train pilots in a better frame rate environment, for those who have low frames. Though FS-2004 would only be able to be used as a training platform, while FSX is the VR-World platform. Note: Not everyone has to have FS-2004; ithis is only optional, specifically for those who have low FPS.

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