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GPEO News. February 27, 2010

Members, Pilots and Pioneers of the GPEO are once again facing a war, after a series of former members back stabbed and took for granite their freedoms, trying to control or change the freedoms by restricting it or going overboard abusing it to benefit their ego, along with the influences of foreign parties (which may also be taking advantage of freedom). We as Pioneers must find the strength to push off these crowds of new enemies and regain our balance and footing so that we may continue to defend our freedom.

When we say “Love it or Leave it” we mean that we all ready have Freedom. Here is no need to change, restrict or even abuse it by using it to take power or control over it, or to create it’s down fall. When one attempts to control freedom, abuse and manipulate, it we tend to get disrupted and disorganized, and the fun begins to go out the door. But, we are Pioneers and are built for adapting to any challenges we may face. For Freedom, there is no substitute for Victory, nor is there room for internal bickering. We fight free and fall free. We never limit Freedom, nor do we make new laws to restrict it. We uphold Freedom, Defend it, Love it, Leave it and Honor those who fought for it in the past, present and future. We are the true Fighters and Defenders for Freedom, for United we shall stand.

We face a great threat to our Freedom, to our Cause and Group as a whole. Without GPEO there will no longer be Freedom in the VR-World, or anywhere else Freedom loving individuals can go to speak freely. It has been realized that it is not Freedom that has to be restricted; it is those who cannot control their self that ruin Freedom. We know now that it is “Self-Control” that we all must embrace for Freedom to Thrive. For if we continue to be quick to judge and show anger to others, to hate and desire revenge, individuality with personal pride we will never truly be free of our ego. We must realize that we all are more like one another than we think.

We come to realize that our enemy is planning to try and end our group and our cause. They say that they are for Freedom being against us, but in reality they do not have Free Speech, for if you go onto their turf and speak freely to them you will quickly find yourself banned or removed from their sites, world and control. A World cannot be owned by anyone, it is just there. We make and shape how the world turns out. There is only one world in which we operate on, the one that has always existed. We exist on it, we don’t own it. Those who claim to have left it to operate on theirs have been defeated, they dead. Their image has been written in time.


Political ---------- After a series of nuclear attacks and conventional bombings onto the GPEO from a rogue terrorist bomber force, and the self destruction of the UMEF, several skirmishes in the air and on the ground, the international community has been changed forever. Several Factions have disbanded and are not active politically, however they still do exist. Now that the enemy has been defeated or has gone underground, they still aim to ether destroy the world and or to take control over the world, end global Freedom.

Defense Tech ---------- There has been many advanced weaponry technology ideas such as an Ark-bird, Submarine Carriers, and the X-02 concept plane form Ace Combat. Though these ideas have already been invented in the Ace Combat worlds there have been talks about implementing these designs into the FSX VR-World. Though many seem outrageous some can be developed in time, but must be scaled down to being more realistic. Anything can be possible if we use our creative imagination.

Domestic --------- After several nuclear attacks, the GPEO is rebuilding. Several flights from relief bases have been commenced. Some promotions have been made and training operations are ready to commence for Chopper and Fighter Roles; though we are in need of Cargo and Bomber trainers. Positions are available for the T-E Officer Positions, but there are requirements for this position.

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