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Small List of Operations Ideas Empty Small List of Operations Ideas

Post  Dragnoxz on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:28 pm

Operations Scenarios

There are two basic scenarios that operations are mostly done. One is Offense, and the other is Defense. Offense can be considered the best defense. Many believe that our group is only defensive but this is not true. We only are defensive during peacetime, but once a foreign faction or force declares war or attacks us using their primary forces, we aim to become the offensive force quickly, once the opposing forces settle down when attrition and fatigue set in. A few common operations occur. One is the Assault, by which the attacker would use bombers to bomb or cargos to invade, with fighter escorts to pave the way and clear out potential threats like, enemy fighters or choppers defending their bases. Defensive is the other means by which the defender would have cargo planes standing by (in the air sometimes) to reclaim lost territory and choppers patrolling bases in order to prevent enemy transports from invading using paratroopers or landing on friendly airbases.

Intel Gathering Operation – An AWACS or Intel Gathering Aircraft would enter a rival, allied or even a session hosted by our group, and take off from a friendly start base, to ether conduct or practice, shadowing other players, and or gathering Intel on another party/faction or units, their movements and operations. While staying at a distance and with a low profile or even undetected by the party or unit being stalked. The information mainly being gathered would be the names of pilots from other parties/factions, type of aircraft they are flying, where they take off and land, (their name, type of craft, start and destination airfields). Operations like this can take as long as the other party/faction or units operation lasts.

Fighter Practice/Engagement - Two or more pilots could conduct an operation of offense VS defense and have a set area or airport set as the target to ether defend or attack, or two pilots could just go into any random session to practice a dogfight, to freshen up on their combat skills. Even if only two fighter planes are present, an ‘Air Superiority’ operation, with various scenarios.

Capture the Cargo – This operation could be conducted with three or players. The objective of this operation for each pilot is to get the cargo plane to land at his or her start base, or destination. The cargo must reach their primary destination while each fighter’s objective is to get the cargo to land at their destination or start base. This is almost like a free for all when done with 3-to-4 players, but if there are more players present then there could possibly be teams of players, if everyone would rather team up. This operation could sustain its free for all even with four or more players if desired by everyone, or it could have some being teamed up while others go at it lone wolf style.

Air Supremacy – Operations like this one are the kind most like, because our group operates together against all opposing parties within a session. After finding a random session with multiple players flying various military craft, our group would take off (using friendly airports), take off and team up together with an integrated force using AWACS, Fighters, and or Choppers, and maybe even Bombers and Cargos, to execute an all out war-game scenario against all random military planes. However, it is best to get permission from the Host of the session before commencing such operation, and to text in the sessions chat; that we are conducting an ‘Air Supremacy Training Exercise’ verses all other players who are flying military craft. Calling out/texting the names of intended targets so everyone knows who is being targeted, (that is, if granted permission by the Host). It is better to encourage the other players who are being targeted to show resistance toward us, it will prove to make things a whole lot more fun for everyone, including the other random players. This will also encourage some of these random players to join our group.
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