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Air Superiority Training Operation Empty Air Superiority Training Operation

Post  Dragnoxz on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:37 pm

Note: This was written during the time I had no internet, so it might seem past tense in some places. I meant to write something like this while I was gone, to help you guys pull out of bordum while I was abscent. It was mainly written for $nake to help give him ideas on how to organize times and days for such types operations, if he wanted to spice GPEO's activity up. Unfortunatly I was unable to get this to him in tiime, before other influences brought out the loss of GPEO territory. Oh well, if his goal was to spice GPEO's activity, and to spice the VR-World up, it is working, lol. Though I am not blaming him for any war, it was VFF's Agent who's name "Cag" I will not mention, who caused VFF to attack us, but, anyway, have fun, lol.

All right pilots, if anyone is left or is willing to participate. I have a plan, and wish to proceed with it with as many of us as we can. This is an operation that we are all together on. We assemble [00/00/00], a weekend that we hopefully all have time to gather on and to conduct this operation as a single force.

The session is (??????). Let us start in our area as close as we can to the pack of other military players, and proceed from there. Our mission is to secure total air superiority in the area where the cluster of other players flying military aircraft is, but first we need to contact the host (if any) and see if they can grant us permission to commence this operation.

[In Main Sessions Chat]: Yo, Host of this session, we are a ‘Virtual Air force Group’ and just wanted to ask you if it is ok to conduct an operation in your session? We can explain to you the details of our mission in a private text, if you wish, and then explain our mission in the main chat to everyone, if that is ok.

[To Host in a PM 01]: Hi, I am part of a virtual air force group, and just wanted to ask and make sure if it’s ok for our Group to conduct an air-superiority operation in your session verses all other players flying military aircraft ?

[To Host in a PM 02]: We come to you asking because we don’t want to intrude by commencing an operation without your permission, with you being the host in all, not knowing what we would be doing.

[To Host in a PM 03]: If we can, and if you are ok with it, we will give you the details of the operation we wish to conduct, if that is ok with you.

[To Host in a PM 04]: What we would do is explain to everyone in the session that we are targeting all other military craft that are not part of our group, as a training exercise for our pilots. We will get behind other military craft and call out names we are targeting, and then when we are within range 1.0 Mile or less, we count in game on them, signifying that we are attempting to gain a lock. After we count to ‘5-one-thousands’ that would signify that we have tone and have a lock, then quickly call out Fox-2, to signify that a missile has been launched. We use our imagination to picture what the missile would do, whether it may or may not hit, and if close enough we will call out if the plane that was hit is too damaged for the pilot to eject or not. We would encourage the other players to evade us the best they can and to engage us if they want, to make things more fun for everyone.

To the Sessions Main Chat 1: ATTENTION! The host has granted our ‘Virtual Air force Group’ rights to engage all other military aircraft that are not part of our group, as a ‘Training Exercise’. Our objective is to down or eliminate all other forces that are not part of our group, and to secure air superiority. We encourage all other military pilots who see planes with a (GPEO) (in their ATC tail number or call sign), that get behind you, to evade them as much as possible and attempt to engage or take them down if you can.

To Sessions Main Chat 2: The method we use for gaining a lock and downing other planes to gain a victory on them is as follows: Get opponent into HUD at 10. Mile or less and Call out your targets name, Count to 5-one-thousands, then call out Fox-2. Using your imagination, estimate if the imaginary missile would have impacted your opponents plane, and if close enough to see where the missile would have hit, maybe call out damage so the opponents know if they were able to eject or not.

To Sessions Main Chat 3: If anyone wishes for us to demonstrate on one of our own as an example we can, and or you could go onto ‘You Tube’ and type in ‘How to Dog Fight on FSX’.

To Sessions Main Chat 4: Ready or not, here we come. Our operations have commenced and we are underway.
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Air Superiority Training Operation Empty Re: Air Superiority Training Operation

Post  rubendal on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:41 am

That looks really cool. Sounds like lotsa fun lol. Not sure just how other random FSX players would like us shooting them down lol> I've tried dogfighting some other players, and they don't really understand, or try to evade. But its definetly worth a try.
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