Recruitment and Evaluation Staff

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Recruitment and Evaluation Staff

Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:38 pm

Recruitment and Evaluation Staff would comprise of a team of, a Recruitment Officer and a Recruit Evaluation Officer. The Recruitment Officer goes out and acquaintances their self with random individuals who enjoy flying military type craft. Informs the individuals of the group in which they (the recruiter) fly with and conducts operations with, and texts them the site or forum link, in a private chat or PM (not in the open, as to prevent the group from looking like a group that spam’s). If the individuals who are informed of the group are interested in the group and sign up on the 'Recruits Group' then the 'Recruit Evaluation Officer' would then contact the signee to schedule a meeting of evaluation. Once the meeting takes place the RE-Officer would explain the history, cause and structure of the group, and would also get to know the recruit, their background of flying, their possible past VM Record, what role they wish to be recognized for in the group, and explain to them that it is mandatory that they remain in the 'Recruits Group' for a week or so, and if they are active enough and in verbal communications with the rest of the group during this time then they will be moved to the "Active Members" Group (as if it were their basic training).

Recruitment Director: If enough members join, there will be a ‘Staff Position’ for a ‘Recruitment Director’ and this person would operate the ‘Recruits Group’, monitoring it, granting those who sign up into the “Recruits Group” acceptability into the ‘Recruits Group’. The ‘Recruitment Director’ would recruit and train their own staff of personnel within the group to recruit and evaluate recruits. {This position requires an Officer Position and a ‘Staff Officers’ Qualification of the GPEO}

Recruiter: would talk to individuals of targeted sessions, or create a session using a description about recruiting for a specific flight role, or on the craft they are aiming to recruit for, and as players join the session Recruiter would make acquaintances with whoever logs onto the session that they create (like making friends). The main goal is to convince these random individuals to check out the site, sign up and join the ‘Recruits Group’, from there the RE-Officer would take over and evaluate them. Or for a shorter more simpler way of putting it [A Recruiter would: Make acquaintances with random players by finding or making sessions, attempting to eventually convince them into checking out the site/forum, directs players who are interested to contact a Recruit Evaluator.] (If Recruiters Successfully recruits someone then they are awarded a ‘Recruiters Award’){This position requires any ranking position of a GPEO member}

Recruit Evaluator: would contact the new signee that joins the ‘Recruits Group’ and evaluate them. When evaluating recruits evaluators would first begin to explain the history, in detail, good and bad times, the system in which our group operates, the cause and honor code, and our current mission (basically, where we were, are and where we hopefully are going). A document will be written some time explaining what needs to be talked about for the history lecture. After educating the recruit on the past, present and hoped for future, the RE-Officer would then ask the recruit if they have any questions about the group, and answer the recruits questions as best to their knowledge. After the education lecture the RE-Officer would ask a series of mandatory questions to the recruit, mostly on their flight history in games or in real life, their past involvement in other groups and what their goals might be in the group. In Shorter words [The Recruit Evaluator - Talks to Recruits about the history, cause and direction of the group, and asks some mandatory questions about the flight history of recruits and attempt to answer questions that recruits may have, bringing the recruit up to date on things] {This position requires any Officer Rank of the GPEO}
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