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Training/Evaluation Officer:

The Training/Evaluation Officers main goals are to work together to ether train and/or evaluate students, recruits or trainees. This officer is a Trainer, Mentor and Teacher, and an Evaluator, Examiner and Tester. The goal is to have two of these Officers for each role. As one officer trains or teaches a recruit, the other officer tests and figures out what the students must work on if students fail the qualification tests. This Officer is both Teacher/Trainer and Evaluator, and is qualified to both train and evaluate. If the T-E Officer finds a student ready to be trained they must work with the student until the student is able to pass a qualifications test that the other T-E Officer will be putting them through. If the officer is evaluating their objective is to put the students they receive through the qualifications tests of the role they are training, and is to be strict on the grading score due to the GPEO high standard requirements. The role of these officers is NOT to haze or put down their students if students mess up, their role is to train, teach and evaluate the students until they can pass the qualifications tests, and to work with inexperienced members.

We work to have all students pass these tests by training and teaching, and some students/recruits may take longer than it would some of the other students, due to their schedules or ability to learn fast enough. Trainers/Instructors and Evaluators should NOT get frustrated with students, the main goal is to train and teach, not to boss, haze and put down other members because their lack of skills in flight (which is why they are being trained in the first place). This is an officer position, which requires dedication, self-discipline, self-control (the ability to not show frustration), time and patience, along with a good sense of responsibility. If you are unable to meet these requirements then this position is not for you. In short [The T-E Officers Train or Evaluate Recruits & Members to either train & prepare them for specific flight roles in the group, or test them in order to be qualified for roles for active duty & combat operations.]

Training Officers:
For acting the role of the Trainer, the officers objective is to find members that are in the ‘recruits Group’ that are interested in learning the role in which the T-E Officer trains in, and to approach them about training; find out what role they wish to train or test for. If a recruit asks for the T-E Officer of a specific role for their training and it is not the one you will be training for, then contact the appropriate officer for the role and direct the recruit to them. As a Training Officer, their goal is to be a mentor to that student, to train and teach the students that comes to them all that they know about that specific role, and to prepare students for passing a qualifications test. Training students may take time and dedication, which is required of such officer’s position. Making a log and writing notes on how to better train and perfecting it over time will help teach you how to learn better methods and ways of training and teaching students. In addition, if skilled enough at teaching, in time, after seniority in the group, you could even train future T-E Officers.

To train students it is a good thing to get to know who you are training, how they act, what they might already know about the role they are in training for, and to make a checklist and training method to go by, so you know what to do when you begin to train and teach students. The following is the basic steps of a training course, only you would fill in things you will be working on with the student whether it is for choppers, bombers, cargo or fighters. Your teaching skills will improve over time, and it is encouraged for you to make notes on better and more effective training/teaching methods.

1. Get acquainted with student

2. Encourage recruit/trainee to experiment on their free time which craft they like best

3. Talk to student about what craft they wish to learn about and train in

4. Once recruit is ready to decide what craft they like best, get in the air and work with and train the
Student using the written training guide, for the specific role.

5. When you feel the student is up to your standards of flying in the role you train and think the student is ready to be tested send them over to the other training/evaluation officer to be evaluated and tested

6. If student fails the tests, evaluator should give you a note on what you should work on with the student in order for student to pass the test

7. Work with student on what the evaluator said needs to be worked on in order for students to be able to pass the qualifications test

8. Once recruit passes test they earn their wings and should be informed to do a mandatory practice flight every other week to month among other pilots in the group, or that it is a good idea to attend a
War game when one is planned and executed by you and or the other T-E Officers in the role.

War Game Planning: {Note that setting a planned war game a week ahead of time is best, so everyone has a chance to know of it, and for war games to be simple, not over planned and where the war game can be played by 3 or more, no less than 3 though. A Cargo or Package, and the 2 opposing sides are the simplest war game to create. The best one is ‘Capture the Cargo’ or a bomber assault mission, with 1 or more escorting, and 1 or more defending.}

Evaluation Officer: To test and see if students are ready for being qualified in a specific role and to grade them. If student fails any of the qualifications tests, send student back to their trainer for more training on whatever it is that needs to be worked on.

Evaluation Officers role is to put recruits/students through tests and grade them. This process should take less than a few hours, to a day. The test is a test and students should be able to pass the tests in one try, but depending on your evaluation and if student is nerves you can decide on whether to fly with the student until they are comfortable enough to take the test. There are specific things to look for in students in order to know if they are ready. You as an evaluation officer should be able to demonstrate to the recruit the course by flying through it, without messing up. This shows the student that it is possible, and how they are able to do the course just like you can do. Recruits must complete the tests with a 100% score.

If a student fails the test, you as the evaluation officer are to write up a message to the student’s teacher on what to work at more to improve the student’s skills in order to pass the qualifications test. If the student passes you are to give them their training completion ribbon and an award of completion, with your signature (Call Sign) along with their teacher’s signature. This graduation certificate can be made custom by you and the other training/evaluation officer. Things that are needed for the certificate are the Wings/Flight Officers Ribbon, Date, Names of officers involved in the training and Evaluation process for the student (minimum is 2 officer), times the test was taken by student to complete and graduate, name of student, role student trained for, and aircraft trained in.

Process for when evaluating students (Note: Full realism settings must be on during test):

1. Begin with letting the student practice the course

2. Demonstrate by flying the course with student sharing craft (VC View Only)

3. When student is ready to take the test land and switch controls and then begin the test, make sure that if student is nerves to let them do more practicing before taking the test

4. What to look for: Reflexes, Awareness, Speed and Ability to Complete Test (The test is not timed)

5. Should pilot fail test, write to their teacher on what to work on then when they return restart the test
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