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Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:22 pm

Unit Organization Program

This program would be directed by a Unit Organization Director, which would direct freshly trained ‘Flight Officers,’ and assigning them to specific units of the role they have trained for and have become recognized for. These individual Units of a specific role would be assigned to various bases all over the world, and could be transferred at any time to new locations by the proper personnel with the valid qualification clearance to do so. This makes it easier for members to know where they are in the VR-World at any time, and helps to eliminate pilots from having to conduct long ferry flights with their personal aircraft, from being re-based (moved to new bases) all the time, especially if the pilots are part of a chopper of fighter unit (which choppers would take a long time to get to and from different locations that at times could be thousands of miles away). However, the bomber and cargo pilots might enjoy flying long distance ferry flights to transport their aircraft, so they might just end up choosing to fly such long ferry flights. This is not to say that fighters and choppers cannot do such long flights. They can fly such long flight if they wish, however they might end up getting bored flying such long flights and it would be easier for them to load up their aircraft into a cargo plane or a ship and to wait for their aircraft to ship over to their next base of operations. that or the same type of plane they fly might already be at their next base of operation, ready for them to fly.

When members are assigned to a Unit at a specific base, the ranking person would legally be able to take charge of the unit, until another person with a greater rank is assigned to the unit. It is the duty of the ranking pilot or Officer to work closely with the other pilots and to keep them in shape regarding their flight experience, meaning that it is the Ranking Officers responsibility to motivate and to schedule as much training operations as possible to keep their flight unit ship-shape for war-game operations and to be prepared for active wars or live combat operations. However, it is the individual pilot’s responsibility to show up for operations if they desire to conduct operations.

Members who fail to show up or neglect to participate in operations are going to be the ones left out in the long run. There is no rule stating that members have to be on in order to continue being a member of our group or part of a unit, but members who rarely attend war-games or operations will not be the ones achieving awards, gaining rank or flight experience, and will not truly enjoy the group as they could be.

To put this process much clearer, here is a simpler example of this ‘Unit Organization Program’ for the members who have graduated form recruit (being active in the group for more than a week or two as a recruit):

1. A ‘Student’ or 'Member' has completed their ‘Training’ and Passed their ‘Primary Test’ and is now a ‘Flight Officer’ for a specific role, let’s say a ‘Fighter Role’.

2. The ‘Unit Organization Director’ or in the case of low members, 'Faction Leader' directs this freshly trained ‘Flight Officer’ to a ‘Fighter Unit’ based at an Air Base.

3. The ‘Flight Officer’ is a 2nd Lt, and is the only pilot of this ‘Unit’, so it is their duty to conduct training/practice operations.

4. The ‘Unit Organization Officer’ (or faction leader) has added two more 2nd Lt, ‘Flight Officers’ to this ‘Fighter Unit.’ the original (most senior) ‘Flight Officer’ of the unit takes responsibility of the other ‘Flight Officers’ of the ‘Fighter Unit’ and schedules daily dog fight practice operations and is the ‘Flight Commander’ of the Unit. until someone with a higher rank (1st Lt), is assigned to the Unit. That or a meeting would take place and war-game operation scheduled and commences in order to find out using the scientific method for finding out who would better be suited for a promotion to 1st Lt. And they would be the Flight Lead.

5. The ‘Operations Director’ (or faction leader, if there is a limit on qualified staff) occasionally would contact the ranking officer of the ‘Fighter Unit’ and would talk about scheduling a day to mobilize the unit to form into a ‘Tactical Combat Group’ with other units of other roles, to prepare for various operations. The person with the highest rank and most experience in air war tactics (whether it be a Major from another Unit of another Flight Role, or a 2nd Lt, with the most seniority) is assigned to lead the ‘TCG’ (Tactical Combat Group) against another ‘TCG’ in a war-game scenario. This would help with Regional combat skills for Officers to practice against one another, and helping individual Squadron Leaders to freshen up on their skills as Unit leaders, and even help individual pilots with their combat skills.
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