FSXCG News - War Bullitin - 9.24.2010

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FSXCG News - War Bullitin - 9.24.2010

Post  Dragnoxz on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:50 am

FSXCG International News - War Bullitin - 9.24.2010

REUTERS- As of 2320, on 9.24.2010, the VFF and UCFS have declared open hostilities with the GPEO. The Capital Guardians immediately issued a statement, announcing that their airspace was shut down. There has been much tension has raged between the VFF and GPEO, since Dragnoxz’ claim that the VFF did not occupy lands clearly given to them BY the GPEO. It is believed that many VMs will follow suit, and some believe the possibility for a war on a similar scale to the GPEO-FSXF conflict. There is also grave concern about how much force each faction will use. When asked, Reverend, CO of the VFF replied “They have one nuclear warhead in the American theater somewhere. Not sure on if they intend to use it.” The use of thermonuclear weapons is a concern to all parties, but will hopefully not be a repeat of the Killer coup several months back, in which guerrilla attacks were made against the GPEO. Many VMs accept that this will be a legitimate war, and is a genuine boarder dispute.

This is a breaking story, and some details may not be included. Please check frequently for updates on this story, and others at reuters.com.
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