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GPEO-FSXCG International News Cast

It is believed that Cag is in the procsess of returning to the GPEO, after several talks and hangings.

VMC Disbanded, donating their positions and hardwear to the GPEO. VMC is still a group with their members, however their leader granted right to their members to join the GPEO at any time. Talks with one of their members, a former FSXF pilot who fought against the GPEO showed promicing and positive discussion about their potential joining into the GPWO.

A new group, formerly the UMEF, is trying to restart in Japan and Korea, under a different name. Possible tentions might rise in the Pacific regarding the GPEO base in Okanawa, and bases of VMC bequated to the GPEO by their Leader, Andrew, after the VMC's official disbandment form abeing a political power in the FSX VR-World, are believed to be targeted to become home bases of this new group, which currenty operates in Northern Japan and is in the processes of talking with Japanese and Korean community leaders about basing rights. The GPEO informed them in talks thatthey should contact VMC about basing in VMC bases, replies were not as positive as they could have been.

A New map is being developed, new key, new details and updates are being worked out, historical and logically positions areas are being marked along with a less vauge idea of the GPEO positions in the Pacific, as in the Islands. The tention in the Pacific is mostly of the Okanawa base, and claims by this new or reformation of the UMEF under a different name claim that GPEO having its current bases there in the region restrict their soverncy as a group. The GPEO believes that 2 person groups should take a more logical and local approached at basing when restarting their group from the bottom again. New groups should use Refrences on how the Uatian Government conducted their past restarts. This would help new groups ability's to one day grow into potential political powers of the FSX VR-World, like the FSXCG, GPEO, Uatia, etc.

It is believed that one or two of the intended bases of this new group were VMC before the VMC handed over base rights to the GPEO. One base is near Tokyo, another in Seoul. A third base which is already a GPEO Air Base in Okanawa is another base this group is determined to operate from. Groups that are just forming and leave th eVR-World over their not able to defeat or get what they want are not missed and are taken as imature groups. Groups that are not logical and don't use sense when developing offten become disbanded, or attempt to wage war with other groups and are defeated within a few days.

ACC being an Internationally Structured Faction, was defeated withing a few days after attacking the GPEO. The GPEO was at its weakest politically, when the ACC used their coalition to attack the GPEO. The GPEO however had an ally, which helped alot in the success of the war.

The GPEO hopes to form a stronger bond with the FSXCG, not only in political relations, but in training and in domestic relations. They feel that if the pilots interact together, and if GPEO assists in Recruitment with the FSXCG that the FSXCG will soon grow into a strong and trusted ally. Both groups could learn alot about one another, even though they were engaged in past conflicts. THe FSXCG might end up following a simelar path as the Uatian Government has, in understanding the true cause of Freedom, and Honor. Now that the VMC is no longer a political power, the two politically active International Powers along with a possible Uatian power may one day for a unified bond of Freedom, Honor and Respect. To continue the peace and freedom of the world.

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