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GPEO-VMC International News Cast 10/10/10

The VMC has Politically Disbanded, however is still an active group. They are now civilian and no longer enteract politically within the FSX VR-World as of this time. Their land and Naval Resources have been donated to the GPEO. This move might end up causing territorial disputes in the Pacific among other groups in the near future. VMC personnel have been granted right to join in groups that are part of the VR-World, as well as stay as VMC members.

The VMC has a significant history in their time as a group, mostly in the assistance to other groups in conflicts and intelligence gathering, along with training and war-game operations with verious groups, like the VNF, GPEO and FSXF. The VMC was formed up of both FSXF, GPEO, and Austrailian members, later with several recruited members as well as Vietnam Conflict Veterans.

The VMC was formed as a result of the FSX Revolutionary War, as a place to go for GPEO and FSXF members who waned an end to the war. With the joining of Donz, several Austrailians joined as well, making for an Austrailian base of operations for the VMC, which formed MEF-2. The VMC Home base was Mirmar MCAS, San Diego, California. They possesed 7 LHD's along with several Amphibian Ships, and mostly USMC Block Craft.

The VMC will be missed as a political power.
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