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GPEO News 10/26/10

GPEO is undergoing voting campaigns for the “Declaration of War Act” and “Treaty of Osaka.” It is believed that foreign parties have accidently voted upon the “GPEO Only Votes,” so an investigation will be done to find out if this is true or not. If it is then either the foreign votes will be removed or a re-vote Champaign will begin, delaying any official outcome of direction. Now, if the GPEO and TFC negotiate without a vote, then an outcome sooner might possibly take place. For now, 7-to-1 has voted for the War Act. A 3-to-6 tally is for the Osaka Treaty.

Over in Asia the TFC is reported to have conducted operations against the Communist China region, flying in C-130’s to drop leaflets promoting Free Market opportunities to convince some Chinese who would be successful in Capitalistic Government system to try a rebel against the Chinese Communist Government, and to work with agents of the TFC community. The Uatian King, being a former Communist leader is appalled at the TFC’s actions in China. Uatia is making a political stand to help the Chinese defend Chinese historical rights as an Independent Nation. Uatian Aircraft have been spotted releasing their own forms of leaflets into Beijing, trying to curve that Communism is better than Capitalism. With an exchange of disputed opinions, silence has become the new topic of that matter. It is believed that TFC is thinking up a plan to detour the Uatian Government form assisting in the Chinese defense, that or they might be stepping back and re-examining their aims on expansion into China. If TFC were to attack Uatia, then other groups who are locked into a Mutual Protection Pact will be forced to intervene, either politically or militarily. Related to rising disputes is Carrier ownership of factions, corporate and manufacturing plant ownerships as well might end up following through in the near future, as several factions are beginning to look at Russian made aircraft as a potential advantage. Rebel factions as well as the Uatian Government use and rely on Russian Block Craft.

Protests have erupted in Washington D.C., over some internal issues within FSXFCG and OMBU. Not much information is known of this other than possible OMBU Cells triggering the riots. A possible conflict over a recent war-game might be the cause of some disputes, possibly over who won. FSXCG News Agencies have been reporting on the protests and demonstrations at their Capital, and seem to be keeping up on updates to the Regional Community of the unfolding issues.

Increases in naval construction by many factions prove that the population of ships, notably carriers will be commissioned within 2 years. Several groups have ships under construction in their harbors. UCFS are construction a US-sized Super Carrier for Canada, and WCF-FSFR are also construction a Nimitz-like size carrier in New Zealand. It is believed that the FSFR are receiving Resources from China, while UCFS are using their own. The West portion of the Pacific is beginning to start looking like more of an International Community, despite the GPEO Defended USEA Projects in the East, North East, and South East areas of the Pacific. Its continued construction of the STMS is vital to the USEA, and potentially to humanity.

News Update
The Political Crisis in China has gained the Attention of multiple communities, most notably the GUD. The GUD has declared an official police act with the blessings of the Chinese Government. TFC has invaded a major Chinese port as well, and it is believed that the TFC is attempting to capture the Chinese Aircraft Carrier. If the TFC manages to capture the carrier, the Chinese navy will have lost its only carrier. It is believed that the GUD hopes to secure the Great Wall of China and to encourage the rebel forces to form in the Manchurian Region, or to move in with the TFC Community. The GPEO suggests to the TFC that it would not be in their interest to capture the only Chinese Carrier, and to invade Chinese territories. GPEO hopes to reduce the tension in the Chinese Region by encouraging the TFC to withdraw and leave the Chinese to their only carrier. GPEO made the point that taking over major Chinese industrial areas will most likely result in a total war scenario with the Chinese Government. It is believed that the Chinese Government might also go as far to allow other communities to assist in the Chinese Air Defense, as well as the potential usage of contracted pilots of other factions. This would end up making aerial assaults very difficult for the TFC. GPEO pointed out that TFC should become diplomatically stable in their aims of being elected in Japan and Korea when election season comes around, as political powers. TFC needs to be politically stable in their own area before they try to expand their aims outward into other areas.

Head Lines

After a heated minimal status of conflict, the GPEO and VFF leaders met officially and talked together. After the GPEO exposed the UIA operations that caused the collapse of the VFF ability to function within, the VFF leader folded in and joined the GPEO. - VMC has politically disbanded, and bequeathed their territory, bases and equipment to the GPEO. - TFC has formed out of a base in the Northern part of Honshu, Japan, and hopes to form an agreement with GPEO, allowing them to receive the former VMC bases in Japan and Korea, along with a Russian base and a base in Okinawa. A Vote is being held for the Treaty of Osaka; however, it is believed that international voters might have voted on it, rendering the votes useless. - Uatia, being a former Communist community, is displeased at the TFC for using Capitalistic forms of Propaganda over the developed Chinese Regions. Uatia is believed to be working with Chinese officials in the defense of the Chinese right to make Decisions for their own community, and to preserve their historical values.

Defense Tech
The F-22 program is late on its development, however it is better to develop them properly rather than have them in some way underdeveloped. The USEA has completed the STME Ocean Propulsion System, and tests in the Pacific are underway. GPEO Naval community hopes to release the SSCVN-Specs after its launch. It has been under construction for 3 years, and is waiting commissioning.

Now that International Political Issues are resolved, the GPEO can move forward with its System Structure. New recruits as well as former GPEO members have, and, or are planning to return to active duty. The GPEO F-22 Program is being lead by, First Officer $nake. Voters have been voting at the Polls lately, however it is believed that foreign parties have been voting on the GPEO Only Voting Polls, in which a re-vote will need to be placed to make sure the votes were legal.

NC-12 - 10/26/10 - GPEO News Agency
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