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Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:08 am

Valarie Harper (Guardian 1)
Investigation Underway into Protests

After 5 days of peace outside both the OMBU embassy in Washington DC, and the CG Embassy in Dayton, Ohio, the OMBU and Capital Guardian governments have both announced that they will be conducting investigations into the cell that is believed to have sparked the protests. The small, OMBU ultra-nationalist organization has been linked to both the protest riots, and the shootings at the Pentagon. Not much is known about the group, besides that they were unhappy with the CG carrying out war games in OMBU airspace.

The Capital Guardians and OMBU are currently perusing this "threat to regional stability and public safety". The OMBU claims to have already dismantled the group, and is working on capturing the upper echelons of the group.

-Valarie Harper, Guardian 1 News
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