Grocon Gets Working On Ozs Most Expensive Tower

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Grocon Gets Working On Ozs Most Expensive Tower

Post  LeeRain on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:33 am

Grocon Gets Working On Ozs Most Expensive Tower

Australia's Gold Coast is set to get another skyscraper to add to the rapidly growing collection of tall buildings there with the beginning of construction on a new 243 metre tall tower.

Simply called Soul, it will directly bound the beach and dominate views of the town from the sea with its 77 floors above ground. It comes from Juniper Developments who are responsible for the 298 apartment scheme.

The tower design consists of two main vertical elements atop a retail podium with the shorter section dominated by its blue glass facades whilst the taller section has a sloping top that contains roof terraces with white framing for the glazing and strong vertical lines running up its middle.

A particular highlight for the residential accommodation is an enormous penthouse of 987 square metres that takes up not one but four floors and is accessed via a private lift.

In it is a spa, swimming pool and of course, a rooftop barbeque, something every Aussie dreams of. As if this isn't enough there's four main bedrooms, a suite to accommodate guests separately and even a cinema room. The modest price for this is $16.85 million Australian dollars, a record sum for an apartment in that country. Even the "cheap" apartments however are nothing of the sort with the smallest beginning at $1.8 million.

Despite these prices they have sold strongly with almost every unit gone although a sub-penthouse split over two levels with 619 square metres of space and an eighteen seat cinema does remain for someone able to afford it.

Setting another Australian record is the $850 million dollar contract the developer has signed with contractor, Grocon, to construct the building aiming at completion in 2010 for the first part of the building.

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