Standing On Stilts In Sydney

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Standing On Stilts In Sydney

Post  LeeRain on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:35 am

Standing On Stilts In Sydney

The prime development plot of 1 Richard Johnson Square in Sydney, Australia, could be set to get a new skyscraper proposal designed by Rice Daubney for the developer, the Investa Property Group.

Zoning rules for the site only permit 30,000 square metres of offices to be built so originally the architect and developer dreamed up a 120 metre tall tower at roughly 4 metres per floor. Sydney Council objected to the short height of the scheme that would only make it comparable to Mulpha House and instead wanted a landmark building.

Restricted by the amount of space they could fit in it, the architect approached the design from a different angle and instead decided the bulk of the tower could be erected above stilts 60 metres tall creating an impressive void for an entrance of cathedral-like proportions.

A further 25 metres of plant and architectural features in the form of two blades on the roof were added to the top of the tower effectively elongating a 120 metre tall building to 205 metres. These blades aren't just for show - they also exist to funnel the wind that hits the top of the tower into wind turbines located under them to assist the powering of the building.

Other environmental features include clear double skinned glass to help naturally heat and cool the tower depending on the weather conditions and help eliminate the need for air conditioning. Blinds shouldn't be needed either as the service core is on the northern side of the building creating plenty of natural shade for the interior. This will also make it one of the first towers in Australia to be clad in clear glass and thus partially see-through. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

A planning application is now winging its way through the system in Sydney and if successful, Investa are confident enough with their prospective building to start construction speculatively adding another skyscraper to Sydney's corporatist skyline.

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