Hilton Aims For First Gold Coast Hotel

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Hilton Aims For First Gold Coast Hotel Empty Hilton Aims For First Gold Coast Hotel

Post  LeeRain on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:36 am

Hilton Aims For First Gold Coast Hotel

Australia's Gold Coast is soon to have a pair of twin towers continuing its ever growing skyline.

The towers will be located on Surfers Paradise Boulevard on a site that was previously occupied by Dolphin Arcade, the towers take their name from the former building and will be called Dolphin Towers.

Designed by Austrailian architectural firm Buchan Group, the project which will see two towers at heights of 184 metres and 118 metres set on a large podium will be developed by Raptis. Simple in form the towers have gentle curves which reflect the marine theme and continues with blue glazed, balconied facades mixed with white concrete reminiscent of foam on the crest of the waves.

The towers will be mostly for residential and hotel use and will be completed in two stages, the 118 metre tower which will house the residential apartments will be completed first and should be finished by 2009, the second which will have apartments, hotel suites and some commercial space is due to be complete in 2010.

Residents can look forward to enjoying access to all the hotels facilities such as 24 hour services, gyms, spas, covered car parking with valet, controlled access to the residences and the usual gubbings although they can probably expect a slightly higher level of service as the hotel and the residences will be run and maintained by the Hilton Group.

This will be the first Hilton Hotel on the Gold Coast and the third in Hilton to be opened in Queensland which possible adds to the projects prestige somewhat being as the site is possibly the last major development site remaining in the centre of surfers paradise.

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Hilton Aims For First Gold Coast Hotel Empty Re: Hilton Aims For First Gold Coast Hotel

Post  Dragnoxz on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:06 pm

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