Black Operations Briefing

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Re: Black Operations Briefing

Post  Razgriez on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:43 pm

I don't think I can hold the secession for the whole day however I do think I can hold for maybe for around 3 hours, because my comp over heats easily.

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Black Operations Briefing

Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:53 pm

If you are truly up for action, read this all. I know there is alot, but just read it, so you know what planned.

Ok, I know some pilots and recruits have not recieved mush training, but we got better things to do, like Black Ops. However, this Friday, I hope most of us can attend Razgriez session, and conduct some training and Test Operations. We have several targeted factions to choose from, which are not much of a threat to us, however are oppressive and evil in nature. Posts about the potential candidates for factions under the Black Spot List will be posted in th TOP SECRET area, and will only be viewed GPEO Members to Flight Officers.

Upon confirming the targeted factions, we must gather Intel on them, and which mebers are active and what each of those members of the targeted factions fly. That, and we will need to create makeshift FSX Names, not related to us, because these are in fact truly covert operations that should NEVER be publically posted ANYWHERE. A makeshift faction name will be made and the pilots participating must be trained well. For one, this Friday thing will help out both in training and practice operations. I propose a Free For All thing go on all day, while Recruits take their Primary or Initial Test.

Recruits will take their First Test, wghich will be used to determine where they are in flight skills and all. After their skills are recorded, we will work on beringing them up to speed on whatever they might lack in. This is it, using the Scientific Method to determine actual skills, to see where pilots are lacking and to fix it through tests, practice and training. Once you master your flight skills, you become a Flight Officer and can begin to ochill with the other Officers, whle continueing practice operations and getting called upon and scheduled for Black Operations.

Briefing will take place when ever we have multiple GPEO members on at one time. A Skype Chat will be made for all Active GPEO Members and Contracted or Mercenary and Rebel (Lone Wolf) Pilots. And, I hope to possibly start a Fighter Pilot School or Fighter Pilot Training Company, not only to help train Allies, but random Fighters who jsut want to enhance their fighter pilot skills.

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