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Post  Dragnoxz on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:34 pm

There is three parts of our System Structure, for now. The Recruitment Program, where GPEO Staff would work together to Recruit outsiders into our group. There is the Training Program, where experienced pilots of specific roles would train new Recruits, depending on where the Recruits go after joining. And, the Unit Organization Program, where pilots that have been trained would be assigned to units, and directed to operate out of one of the many GPEO Bases.

There is room for more programs, but these three are the most important. Without them the GPEO cannot function properly as an Elite Industrial Force, turning out great numbers of Elite Pilots. The only problem would be foreign faction members trying to get training here, and using it against us or our allies. However, having an Industrialized faction will make it so that we can open up new programs, like Covert Operations and Large Media Outlets to promote our cause of Freedom, and to condemn factions that shun our group because of its cause.

Recruitment Program
Recruitment Program Details
Applictions for Recruitment Program Staff

Training Program
Training Program - Training/Evaluation Officer Details

3-Unit Organization
Unit Organization Program
Unit Organization Program Details
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