Restructure of the Fighter pilot training

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Restructure of the Fighter pilot training

Post  nlairforce on Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:48 pm

To become a fighter pilot in GPEO, you now first need to know your plane you wanna fly. And by "know", i mean know how to start it up manually, not just by pressing Ctrl+E. If you dont know how, i can teach the student how to start it. You also need to know how the systems on it work like the radar, Heads up display and all else thats to know about it. You dont have to learn it on your own. Dragnoxz and me can coach the student on it.
After you know your plane, its time to start knowing it in the air. Basically keep flying the thing until you know what its going to do with a specific input. You need to be able to control the plane like it's part of your body.

This will be updated soon.
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