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Training Evaluations

Post  Dragnoxz on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:37 pm

For $nake-

Training Test Evaluations for Student Fighters

Test them at high and low altitudes. When they can do good, or match your skills, they should be ready.

1- Take off.
2- Climb.
3- Perform high altitude air combat test.
4- Go low.
5- Perform low air combat test.
6- Form up.
7- Perform "Joint Maneuvers."
8- RTB (Land).

The full test should take a single tank of fuel. (That means a full tank used from 1-to-8 ).

If Students fail on any of the numbered tests, they are to be informed and should take steps to practice those areas more, especially take off & landings.

If Crash crash at all, that is to be a test failure. End session or work with them (dog fight) for practice. There is no more test after students crash.

If Students do not fail any of these fields. They can Graduate, and get their Dragon Wings, and become a Flight Officer. It is encoraged for Graduates to go through with TE-Officer Lectures, so we can train and evaluate future pilots more effectively.
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