Scar creek addon not working?

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Scar creek addon not working?

Post  silver on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:12 pm

So I downloaded scar creek research base, and executed the file and installed it. But nothing is in the folder. Can some one assist me?


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Re: Scar creek addon not working?

Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:58 pm Scroll down on this link, or read the below directions to help you manually put the files in.

How to install Add on Scenery By Dragnoxz
1. Right click on your desktop and select "new" folder. Give this folder a name and call it "FSX Downloads." Note: If you already have made a ‘FSX Downloads’ folder create a new folder inside of that one and call it ‘FSX Scenery.’

2. Open the ‘FSX main folder’ and find the Addon Scenery, ‘Scenery’ folder. The Scenery folder is where you are going to want to drag & drop the new add on Scenery ‘BGL files’ and the new Scenery folders:

(A). Click on start (lower left), click on "my computer" or ‘Computer,’ double click on
"Local drive (C:)." double click on "program files," double click on "Microsoft
Games," double click on "Microsoft flight simulator X," double click on “Addon Scenery” double click on “Scenery”

(B). Locate the new scenery files and/or folders that you received from a site or someone you know that you saved to your desktop. ‘Now some times you will have one folder that contains multiple scenery folders in it, for example, ‘Edwards AFB,’ ‘KLAX’ & ‘Heathrow Intl’ folders may all be contained in one folder. What you will want is the folders that contain a ‘scenery & texture’ folder in them. The folders containing these two folders are the ones you will want to drag & drop into your Addon Scenery “Scenery” folder.

3. Now that you have successfully placed the files into the right areas in your Flight Sim X main folder you are now ready to start up FSX, or if you already have FSX up and running all you need to do is get in the game or a session. When in game click on ‘World’ then ‘Scenery Library’ then click on ‘Add Area’ then a folder will pop up and it will be the FSX Main folder. Look for ‘Addon Scenery’ and click on that, then click on ‘Scenery.’ Inside of that folder will be the scenery you added, click on the ones you added and Add it to your scenery library. Then click on ‘OK’ now you are ready to explore the new scenery.
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