IDN/AST: Official Reset

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IDN/AST: Official Reset

Post  FSX-Omni Core Unltd. on Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:16 pm

As of today, the IDN has officially been reset. From this moment forward, IDN and AST will all operate under the umbrella of Omni Core Unltd (OCU), along with Majesta Air Lines. Omni Core Unltd. is the head company that AeroShark Tech., Majesta Air Lines, and the Industrial Defense Network (and its divisions) are all sub companies of. This is the break down.

Omni Core Unltd.: Based in San Diego, California, OCU is a private engineering corporation that conducts energy management research and produces civil aerospace technology. Typically, OCU does not like to interact with political officials and does not distribute technology for military use. The only projected defense technology on OCU's drawing board is to be used specifically to defend its international facilities from terrorist and hostile military factions. As of now, OCU regards the GPEO sanctions and laws as their own as their two current facilities in San Diego, and Mojave California, are located in GPEO territory. However, the OCU does not participate in any of the GPEO's military operations. OCU executives have recently declined GPEO's offer to be the primary tactical defense provider to the projected Oceanic Industrial Colonies as OCU executives feel that supporting the GOEO's involvement in any military conflicts will force OCU to not only choose political affiliation, but would also jeopardize international relations with clients and customers of OCU civil technology. OCU is currently deep into a civil aerospace technology race with several civil and military aerospace technology firms. OCU is deep into the S.T.A.R. program under the control of OCU subsidiary, AeroShark Tech, located at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California. This program focuses on the possibilities of hypersonic, sub orbital commercial aviation. OCU is also currently preparing the construction of the Industrial Oceanic Colonies. These large floating masses are planned to house the largest energy management and research facilities on the earth, as well as be the test grounds and launching facilities of upcoming aerospace platforms. More information will be available soon on the OCU website. OCU is expected to begin discussions with several VR World governments in regard to establishing the colonies in mineral rich areas around the world.

AeroShark Tech: AST exists as the primary technology manufacturer of Omni Core Unltd. Developing aerospace, maritime, and automotive transportation platforms, AST is widely regarded for producing innovative cutting edge technology. Although AST has experience producing military defense systems, we try to shy away from this kind of thing. Our focus is the research and development of high efficiency/performance platforms, such as aircraft, ships, and cars. AST's XTRS-1 (experimental test and research squadron) are the exclusive test pilots/operators before prototypes are finalized and cleared for mass production. AST will also be the primary authority of all technology and progress that is result of the Industrial Oceanic Colonies. Tactical defense technology is kept to a required minimum as OCU does not participate in any governments' military actions or occupations. Due to the recent treat of terrorism in the VR World, AST will soon begin bids with various World Governments and factions in efforts to acquire military aircraft and vehicles. AST only wishes to upgrade some current fighters to better carry out the specific tasks of the Industrial Defense Network (IDN) that will begin providing private security and tactical defense for the Industrial Oceanic Colonies once production of these colonies begins. More information will be available on the FSX-AeroShark Tech. website.

Majesta Air Lines: Majesta Air Lines (MAJ) is a subsidiary of OCU. Located at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, MAJ provides various air transportation services to individuals around the world. Providing exclusive VIP services, as well as cargo transport, Majesta Air Lines has a small, yet versatile fleet of aircraft that include the Cessna Citation X business jet, Dornier Do328 Air Ambulance, and B-373 BBJ. In the near future Majesta Air will also operate the AeroShark Tech. HBJ Aurora, the world's first hypersonic business jet. MAJ also has a versatile fleet of corporate and utility helicopters such as the Bell 222 and EC-135. More information will be available on the FSX-Majesta Air Lines website.

Industrial Defense Network: The IDN is the private tactical defense company of Omni Core Unltd. This group of private defense contractors will provide tactical defense to the projected Industrial Oceanic Colonies in the very near future. The primary mission of the IDN is to ward off the threat of terrorist and hostile military actions against the colonies. The IDN is broken down into three divisions: The Air Defense Force (ADF), Maritime Defense Force (MDF), and Orbital Defense Division (ODD).

The ADF's mission is to provide aerospace defense for the Industrial Oceanic Colonies from airborne and seaborne threats, as well as provide emergency search and rescue of OCU ships and crews. At this moment, the ADF is in possession of three MiG-29Ks and 4 Su-33 aircraft. The IDN is preparing to make bids with VR World military leaders and gonvernments in efforts to acquire more interim fighter aircraft until the projected Advanced Defense Fighters have been completed by AeroShark Tech.

The MDF's mission is to provide defense of the IOC by intercepting airborne and seaborne threats. As of now the MDF consists of four scouting/recon vessels, and four missile ships that will act as part of the Integrated Air Defense System. On top of this, the MDF provides escort and search and rescue operations for OCU vessels.

The ODD's missions is to provide defense of IOC from orbital and sub orbital treats such as ICBMs. This is the most secured and restricted division of the IDN and Omni Core Unltd. as a whole. More information on the ODD can only be acquired through the OCU Executive Authority.

More information in regard to the IDN will be available on the FSX-Industrial Defense Force website.
FSX-Omni Core Unltd.
FSX-Omni Core Unltd.

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