VR-World Action ?

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VR-World Action ?

Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:20 pm

According to the International Telecommunications Transmission Network (ITTN), factions seem to be butting heads again. GPEO was mentioned, but we are withdrawing anyway. Too bad we are not in a position to help, since we are fucking WITHDRAWING ! but, if any rebel GPEO in parts of areas once officially GPEO feel like operating as rebel forces, be my guest, lol. Florida and South Cali are good places.

I also would like to hold a meeting with active GPEO members. GPEO is going to need a director soon, so GPEO can revert to its once peace keeping ways. I would be willing to stand back as Intel Adviser. Some of you know what that means. Think of it as a very good things for GPEO.
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