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Post  Dragnoxz on Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:16 pm

I have some announcements to make.

1. The GPEO is very close at completely withdrawing its forces to Indonesia, at least the forces that are willing to join and withdraw to form a new nation.

2. Leaders who chose to protect the areas near their personal homes from external forces that may some day seek to control those regions will not be recognized by the new Pynerian State as its own, thus removing obligation to protect those areas.

3. GPEO may effectively be returned to its original state as, "Global (or General- if restricted to Pyneria) Peace Enforcement Organization." Someone will have the opportunity to head the GPEO organization, but I will only be there for advice and guidance, as well as Intel if needed. Although I will be the owner, I will not be the CEO of GPEO anymore, someone else will call the shots.

4. Pyneria will be my primary focus from then on. Those of you who chose to stand and defend your homes will not be recognized as GPEO, for GPEO will not be based there anymore; it will be based in Singapore, and will be a Peace Enforcement Unit of Pyneria, or regions once used by the old GPEO name that still hold influence of Freedom. as for the cause of the old GPEO, it will be the cause of Pyneria.
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