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Post  Dragnoxz on Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:39 am

Guardian of the Sky-

From here I can See, for here we are Safe
From here I can Stretch, for here I feel Alive
From here I can Fly, for here I am Free
From here I can Protect, for here I can Dive

Path of Life-

As I walk, I ponder the choices I have made along paths of the past.
As I walk, I know that those paths of the past have been walked.
As I walk, I ponder the choices I will make along this path I walk.
As I walk, I understand that I will only chose a path once.
As I walk, I study the paths and my mistakes that I hope are just once.
As I walk, I know I am free, to chose and to learn as I see.
But if I stop, I will not have choices for paths to learn as I walk this path of life.

Times Loyal Love-

I hope to some day live long enough to walk on future paths to think and talk about the past; to the mate I hope to some day meet for such love was so great that I could wait. For as long as we wait our love is locked from now on to never end. I stand firm in such loyalty even though our souls have never met. I hope some day we meet for divided we're incomplete. United we stand from beginning to end.

Great Spirit of Energy-

Such world is so peaceful from far out here. We wonder why humans fight to control life from in there. For their lights have been seen from these heavens out here. We hope they again find truly what their life purpose really is. From that world they should live free like we can from out here.

-Director Dragnoxz of GPEO

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