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GPEO Support of Kurdistan Empty GPEO Support of Kurdistan

Post  GPEO on Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:14 am

Apparently, Kurd Forces seem to be mobilizing in Iraq, and heading north into Syria and Turkey. Their reason is stated to be for their freedom and independence. The Kurds have been denounced by Saddam, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. But, since GPEO holds political influence in Iran, Iran is considering land agreements. With Syria locked in a Civil War, and the Kurds have been free to develop in northeastern Syria. Due to Corporatist Forces withdraw from Iraq, the Kurds only have one major hinder to their development, and that is the Turkish Government.

Supporting the Kurds with air power goes along the lines of serving for freedom. This is what GPEO is about. Helping free those who desire Freedom. The Kurds have been oppressed by many, and subject to genocide by their oppressors. GPEO has the air power to help them out. This warrants our help. Iran, Iraq and Syria would benefit with a Kurdish ally in the region.
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