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Post  Dragnoxz on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:32 am

Over 100,000 GPEO Troops are in Corsica. We need pilots to fly them from Corsica to Iran. Start at LFKS, Arrive at OICC, using either your personal, rented or contracted airliner of a VA, it doesn't matter. Return the Airliners to LFKS to pick up another load if extra payment (VR-World) is desired. Pilots are paid in gold spheres (GPEO Currency), by the load. Aircraft can range from 737 to 747 sizes, that means 757's, 767's, 777's, and A340's, (not A380's, unless contracted by a VA). No Military aircraft, airliners carry more. Post here if and when you (any pilots) complete the flights. These are official operations and they span across the European and Middle Eastern Theaters.

Troop Transport Campaign Europian%20Theater Troop Transport Campaign GPEO%20Middle%20East%20Theater%20Ribbon

Ribbons can even be given to those who are not of GPEO, showing they too took part in such an operation too. Just get the troops to their destination.

Civilian Pilots will be given the Civil Service Ribbon for their time: Troop Transport Campaign Civil_10
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