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GPEO Division Assembled Empty GPEO Division Assembled

Post  GPEO on Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:26 am

New GPEO Division formed from multiple militia and counter terrorist units is activated. The ceremony will be held at 09:00 in Norfolk VA, and i scheduled to have a week of leave before they are deployed over seas.

This division, all though new, is comprised of several new units that are graduating today, along with several combat harden soldiers who served in the recent conflict in Iraq. Those who fought in Iraq will have the opportunity to watch as their new comrades graduate form their training.

Ground Units- This unit will be an "react-on-the-spot" combat force, independent, much like US Marines, but crossed with Air Born troops. The unit will focus on Amphibian Landings, as well as coastal air assault, "Deep Penetration Surge Force" (DPSF) operations. The objective is to stabilize unstable regions, and bring them to peace. This tactic will be used to quickly flood an area of concentrated hostile forces while suppressing them with air power. Ground units will move in and with high energy neutralize the affected area of hostile forces. Once the area is secure, the unit will quickly load up and leave, and prepare for their next mission.

Air Units- The rotary units of V-22's and CH-53's will fly in low and fast with their troops, flood an area with a concentration of heavy weapons specialist units, as well as high energy suppression units. Multiple flights of AH-1's will support the ground units as they move in to locations of hostile terror instigator forces. Fighter units from NTF-04 will be present in the event of hostile aircraft threats.

There will be the Amphibian Force, for securing ports and other coastal positions. The DPSF units, the chopper strike force, and the air defense wing. There is the availability of AC-130 Gunships to be on standby to aid the DPSF units and the possible scenario of downed chopper crews.
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