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Post  GPEO on Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:34 pm

A turbine of the GPEO Carrier Enterprise (CVNM-65) has been critically damaged during a high speed maneuver. One of the left turbine blades broke loose and was sucked into the rest of the turbines behind it and knocked several more off leading to a catastrophic event on board the carrier, resulting in the immediate blockage of the left turbine causing it to abruptly turn to its port side, nearly capsizing. There was also the sound of a very loud cracking sound during its immediate left turn, most likely due to stress while moving at such high speed. Had the safety systems not properly worked, the ship would have capsized.

The ship was approaching its top speed of 45 Kts as one of the turbine blades broke off. The broken turbine blade slammed into the rest of the turbine blades behind it causing the turbine to internally eat itself up. The blockage formed by the cluster of destroyed turbines caused the ship to turn violently to the left. The safety systems built in to the computer caused an override that immediately recognized the situation and adjusted the rudder to turn to the starboard side, to stabilize the ship. During this time the ship was under allot of water resistance on its side, causing  loud crack sound, which engineers have concluded to be the hull cracking under that overwhelming pressure.

The ship did not take on any water, however it is only limited to one turbine on the right side to get it to a port for repairs. This carrier will most likely be out of commission for years over at the Norfolk VA facilities. Engineers are working out the problems as we speak, and will re-design the turbines so they don't break in the future, or might completely re-design them entirely.

It will take the ship 20 days to reach its destination.
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