Battleship Re-Activation Time Stamp

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Battleship Re-Activation Time Stamp Empty Battleship Re-Activation Time Stamp

Post  GPEO on Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:26 pm

This is the estimated time the re-activation process of the battleships started, according to available files. The date may be earlier than June 6, but to be safe we will be using the evidence we currently have. The re-activation process of the battleships will take up to 30-to-50 months. This is all counting the production of the gunpowder magazines and re-wiring and plumbing and other systems. These ships will be limited on fuel, but will be able to deliver their offensive loads. Some of the side guns will be refitted with rail gun systems. the main guns will be fitted with an auto-loading system for magazines and shells, increasing the speed of loading time. Engineers are working on deciding on weather to remove one of the front turrets to replace it with a missile silo pod section, similar to the ones on the guided missile cruisers.
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