CVNM-65 Damage Report

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CVNM-65 Damage Report Empty CVNM-65 Damage Report

Post  GPEO on Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:05 pm

After arriving and being put up in a dry dock, the carrier damage was shown to be more significant than thought. The entire external casing will have to be replaced or removed. The carrier is expected to be in repairing for about two years, for an entire overhaul, and replacement.

Engineers have decided to change the entire keel in order to sustain such high speeds at sea, with a sort of dorsal fin on the bottom for stability and hydrodynamics. The nose cone will be reinforced to handle speeds and pressures so great that the ship could ram another carrier, possibly capable of cutting it in half.

A new corkscrew style turbine will be constructed and installed where the former jet style turbine once was. The cause for the damage was stress from high speeds and a single turbine blade breaking of and flowing into the rest of the turbine blades, breaking the rest and causing enough pressure to bend the metal casing of the turbine outward, almost causing it to rip off. If this had happened, the ship would have been completely stranded. It is good thing that only one of the turbines had done this, or else the large ship would have had to been towed to its dry dock, arriving today, rather than several weeks ago.
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