Recruiting Ideas

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Recruiting Ideas

Post  Dragnoxz on Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:12 pm

If anyone gets in the mood to help recruit, I have some ideas for where to recruit.

Depending on the airframe you feel like recruiting for, go on You Tube and find videos of those types of craft, and see if those who hold a liking to that specific craft would be interested in helping form a unit in our group. Here is a sample of what I already posted somewhere: "Anyone up for forming a fighter unit, I am part of a Virtual Military Organization that has an organized structure from Recruitment, Training to unit Organization and Operations. Just look up GPEO."

Feel free to put into your own words, just don't make it into a spam of some sort. It is better to post messages from the soul, and present it as an offer.

If you come up with more than two, have them do some air combat and the one who wins more times than the rest, appoint them flight leader, then train that one person on the GPEO Officer aspect (Flight Briefing and Debriefing Reports), then give the flight lead the training manual, and if they work up to proficient pilots, they may be tested for air combat ability. It is a fascist style at start, but so what, we must adapt to what we are currently at.

Those of you authorized to carry out this responsibility are as follows: All Flight Officers as well as GPEO members, that includes you Raz. As well as Killer too, should you get the balls to officially return.

(Killer)- For bombers, that is your field of expertise, write up a training manual if you have time, if you return for sure. If you will, write it along the same style of format I write the Fighter Training manual. I can help if you want, when I have time.
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