Basic Training (ArmA)

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Basic Training (ArmA)

Post  GPEO on Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:13 am

Basic Training- (All Land Force units must complete this training In order to be qualified for Land Operations)

-Fields numbered in Red are Required for Basic Infantry. Fields numbered in Blue are Required for personnel seeking Entry Level Qualifications for SPOND Training.

A- ArmA (Any ArmA).
B- Trainee must have all keys, buttons and controllers set to desired preference of choice.
C- Ability to dedicate or schedule many hours of in-game/simulator time for Ops.
D- Willingness to D-Load Communications Programs.

1. Communications.
A- Skype
B- Team Speak
C- ooVoo

2. Navigation.
A- Movements/Way-points
B- Basic Terrain
C- Difficult Terrain

3. Firing Range and Weapons Usage and Practice.
A- Assault
B- Silenced
C- Long Range
D- Heavy AA/AT

4. Endurance Capability.
A- Warfare Till Completion
B- Evolution Till Completion

5. HALO Air Jump.
A- High Altitude
B- Low Drop

6. Survival and Evasion (Entire Map Used).
A- Enter hostile land
B- Carryout Complex Objectives
C- Survive till Extraction
D- Make it to Designated Extraction Zone
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