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Post  GPEO on Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:48 pm

The USEA looks to begin a new project, similar to that of the Star Trek idea. But, this program is to use what is scientifically known about Warp-Style technology, and to use it along with the most advance technological advances known to modern humanity. From the kind of high speed computers of China, to the high speed ship building the USA has done in the past. While using the ideas of the long term low maintenance of Cold War era style of equipment and materials used by the Soviet and US. Basically, using the best that humanity has to offer for such endeavors of space exploration. A task used for a special kind of mission. To explore space. To find new life. And like in the Star Trek series, to go where no earth being has gone before. This project is an important one, and serves to spread the best of humanity abroad, and if needed, to provide defense against cosmic powers, from things as simple as asteroids, to as powerful as supernovas. Just the same, should life be found and it be hostile, we will also want to be in a position to defend against such powers, using the most innovative tactics in space and in atmosphere conditions. We will want to be able to defend on multiple kinds of gravitational environments, as well as in space. Combat in space will not be like in Starwars or Star Trek. There is no air in space, there is only the laws of physics. The most elite of mathematicians, scientists, leadership command, cultural and language decoding, as well as engineers and mechanics of all kinds, Biologists and Botanists, Wildlife Experts and Chemical Experts, as well as the most elite weapons and combat experts the world has to offer. Because, there is no telling what will be found in space. Such craft will need to be constructed with warp-style (Light Speed) capabilities, advanced light speed long range warp-frequency communications for longer than light distances, hanger bay for exploration craft, armed with many tools, including defensive weapons and countermeasures, a large laboratory with all possible scientific research sections, a command and control bridge as a central nervous system for the craft, a hospital or medical section for possible medical issues, storage rooms abroad the ship, computer terminal, engine and mechanical areas, fuel and power stations, crew quarters built for long term living and housing, internal atmosphere control, guest sections, dining areas, food synthesizing section, recreation and gym areas, facility for manufacturing parts and equipment, machine shop, mail and communications sections, proper restrooms and waste recycling facilities, and plant or food production section. The crew will be specially selected based on various attributes, political ideologies, innovative and open-mindedness, emotional status, personality and career history. The crew will not be selected based on academic scores or lack of failures, but ability to adapt and overcome issues using any method possible, along with previously mentioned attributes.

Any ideas of other things needed, crew, systems, etc are welcome. This will be an international project.
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