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Let not our generosity be taken as a weakness to be exploited, but a kind gesture of good will that is of same magnitude as our might should it be taken advantage of.

In times of peace, we help powers rise. In times of war, we help powers fall.

Sights of the Eye-
Earth, our home in all places. Such a beauty is witnessed by organic instruments we call eyes. We see the light in many waves that gives a sort of taste that is unable to be explained. It is just awe inspiring, and a luxury of life and experience. We can't do this before life or after death, but only while we are here. Enjoy life, even when it is painful, for numb spirits may envy life and long for pain again.

In Order To, We Need-
In order to sustain strong forces, we need a great cause.
In order to win a great war, we need superb intelligence.
In order to have superb intelligence, we need creativity.
In order to be creative, we need a good imagination.

Only In Capitalism-
Only in capitalism can Poaching Endangered Species be profitable.
Only in capitalism can Unknown Possible Risks be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Dirt sold to the poor for food be profitable.
Only in capitalism can Destruction of Ecosystems be profitable.
Only in capitalism can Justice Systems be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Inferior Designs be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Polluted seas be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Incarceration be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Ignorance be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Education be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Sickness be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can Hunger be made profitable.
Only in capitalism can War be made profitable.

The difference between a true capitalist and a true communist is this. When a capitalist works, their motivated only by money. If they see someone starving, they won't help them because they feel the starving person is too lazy to work. When a communist works, they work not because of money, but to help their employers. And if they see someone starving, they are always willing to help feed another person out of compassion because they are not money oriented, they are community oriented (communal).

Democracy starts with freedom and it all ends up being voting away by the ignorance of the masses. Communism starts out with  everyone equally poor to where everyone works up to be prosperous together.

True Capitalists are of the evil money loving kind, the kind that hold money of a higher value than life. They throw morals of loyalty and honor out and are willing to back stab their fellow human and friends as long as it makes them more money. (Think of the Dad in the movie Matilda, or any villain in a Stephen Segal movie, or any bad guy in a movie or story for that matter).

True Capitalists are selfish, desire riches, are greedy, authoritarian, oppressive, or any other form of true evil.

True Communists are generous and hospitable, not divided by social class, and can't be bought out by money or bribes that go against their morals of loyalty and honor to their nation. They will chose to save a life rather than sacrifice their soul for money.(Think of Robin Hood, Jesus, or anyone who is not in desire of attaining money).

True Communist are generous, poor, liberal, fair, or any other form of true good.

Freedom is essential, for it enables life to be expressive and to reach its fullest potential of growth and development. We can't have this fullest potential with the restrictions of financial power or oppressive punishments due to religious superstitious beliefs and fears.

Cops- Not all cops are bad. It is those who are indiscriminate against all cops who are the evil of evils when it comes to it. Those who think all cops are bad will be the ones to not care if there are good or bad cops, they will just shoot all cops out of ignorance.

Judgement and Karma- The main thing is the Karma aspect. Like a rubber band, or trampoline, if you put too much of your weight into it, positive or negative energy, it comes back to you. Perhaps there is a real mathematical reason behind it. So if we help others without expecting something in return, maybe we unsuspectingly receive what we give in some other way.

Biblical Reference Decoded-
Not decoded: Only through Jesus can man be one with God and live in Heaven.

Put it like this:
Science = Jesus
God = Energy/Universe
Space = Heaven/Unknown.

Decoded: Only through Science can Humanity be one with Energy and expand into Space.

That is the decoded truth of a real message depicting a real evil does not want anyone to know. Potentially a hidden message of a creative mind in those times as a warning of what religion truly is. When the sun, our local star dies, the planet will be burned completely, a true inevitable hell that all life will witness unless humanity spirals out into the cosmos.

Religion is of Evil- Evil hinders free thinking and truth. Evil wants control just like the bibles Satan does. The reflection of a true Satan is the very Religious institutions constantly spreading their faith without logic, their falseness and lies and lack of truth to keep control over its followers, its shepherd to its sheep, its mindless slaves that follow, the cannibalized minds fueled by hate and division, consumed by fear of the unknown. Divide and Conquer is the law of evil, that is just what the many religions do. None can agree with one another's ideologies, and continue to divide and seek control over the many through division and their pride of what they believe. It is truly a negative and evil way of existence. Religion hurts and oppresses all who don't share such beliefs if given the chance to control society. We see it in ISIS today, and we saw it in Medieval times then. Native Americans from all over the Americas felt the full affects of religious power, the genocide and ethnic cleansing of entire populations in South America, FORCING natural tribes into religion by force. And now they who are of Native origins are blinded by the modern religions, and have strayed from their natural ways of Mother Earth.

Women and Religion- Most religions degrade women to being lesser beings than men, because they are ruled by men. Women achieve greatness throughout history, from science and leadership, to engineering and humanity. Religious beliefs see them as lesser than having souls, as property to be obedient to men. Women deserve better, for they cultivate life for a period of time, on top of these good things. This is just one reason why I can't support religions, because they are of evil and darkness, hindering humanity on all levels. This is true, understand it. I can't help but think of the many women who were burned to the stake or thrown into rivers in bags of cats weighted down with rocks. If they sink and drown, they were good, but if they float and continue to live, they had demons in them and had to be burned. That is honestly not good.

God- God apparently created hell. It is also believed that he supposedly created everything, including energy and existence. So why would this god condemn anything he created unless it was imperfect ? Now I challenge this, who is to blame if anything is imperfect ? Humans are the most destructive beings, the most evil, the most punishing and nasty, yet humans were supposedly made in the image of a god. I say, this image is reflected through such creation, meaning such god is as evil as the humans it made in its image.

History, Religion and Truth- Early humans had such a small perspective of the world and much less of the universe. Even if their actions happened in Egypt or Persia, they still had such a lack of knowledge. If they had communications with a real god, that being would have informed them of the universe and that the world was round, not flat, among many other things. If a person is religious and thinks the world is round, they are not religious, nor do they truly support their bible or book of religion. Such facts like the world being round, gravity, evolution and physics are unquestionable facts and have been confirmed. No one can say these facts are false. But when the bible or religious books come into question, all off their claims are proven false, or are their word VS Science. The only thing religion can claim is the dates of historical events. Then again, tyrants of religions can erase history from libraries and install religious books of their own, much like the bible did, and just like ISIS is doing today with ancient sites, only to make their false histories and false facts to one day being believed as truth later on. The only thing all religions have in common is the sky, the stars, the sun and moon, because all places on the planet can see these things. All of these different societies express their own stories, and that is the only thing they have in common, just made with different names.

Message to Atheists- When you accept a persons "right" to believe what they want, or have a religion, you open the doors that invite events like 9/11 to happen, and inquisitions, executions of nonbelievers (like ISIS does today), oppression of the nonbelievers, etc. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING !? This is HUMANITY we are talking about, the well of the entire human species ! Those who allow religions to spread defeat the purpose of what Atheism and Humanity is about. Atheists love humanity MORE than any religious person could, because they VALUE LIFE. Religious fucks live their life hoping to die in the end. And they believe their beliefs affect others, so when they go to kill YOU to SAVE your "soul" they think they are doing GOOD, when they are NOT ! They are KILLING HUMANITY ! STOP THEM !

Cussing- Just because YOU don't like my cussing, does not make me stupid for cussing. Only those who are offended easily have a lack of Tolerance. They can't understand and accept how others express things uniquely, thus they are oppressed minds. I use cussing as a means to intensify what I mean, and it is highly effective when implying things I want to get across with intensity, RATHER THAN DOING IT IN COMPLETE CAPITALIZATION ! Because some FUCKS like to ignore shit I say. Cussing can be viewed as disrespectful, if directed as an insult, or it can be used to intensify a sentence. Those who can't handle adult words need to grow up and deal with it. I didn't go through being young for adults to tell me that cussing is a bunch of adult words, then be an adult and be told they are childish words. That is completely stupid, and ignorant. Cussing is a form of intensity, mostly accepted in the mainstream to be considered "Strong Language." The language of intensity is what I like to say. I hope my explanation has educated you into realizing a new perspective on cussing. After all, words are words, it just matters how they are grouped together and presented. Some are accepted by most, others are not socially favorable. This is the internet, the realm of words from unhindered minds.

Political Ideologies-

Question- Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage? Response- In a religious perspective, the cleric or spiritual representative should be allowed to decline or approve thier services. In a government stance, it should be up to the two who are in the relationship to make the deciding call on their life.

Question- Should the federal government allow the death penalty? Response- Death is too lesser of a punishment for crimes that one might consider such punishment. The person who murdered will live the rest of their life with their actions on their conscious. Suicide may result. Make them into a hard laborer, and give them time to redeem their wrong. If too savage and untameable, then perhaps execution is be best option. Donate their organs to save many lives to redeem their murder.

Question- Should the government require health insurance companies to provide free birth control? Response- Removing form historical monuments should not be done, but currency and other aspects it should. There is no need to provoke or even hinder the minority who don't believe by openly shoving int other faces the superstitious beliefs of the majority. That goes against the founding principals of our nation.

Question- Should the United States require labeling of genetically engineered foods? Response- GMO's have the potential for ending hunger. We don't want all foods to be GMO's though. If the natural occurring seeds go extinct, it gives the company that monopolizes the industry the possibility of hijacking the world food supply, or at least a considerable amount to where if halted for some reason, many will starve, and nothing will be able to be done. A GMO that can reproduce and be distributed among the population to grow in doors or in yards is the best option.

Question- Should the government raise the federal minimum wage? Response- Those with families need a higher income, this is an objective fact. Too many struggle, and want to get ahead to live prosperous. A person who has 1,500 a moth worth of expenses and only an income of 1,200 per month needs to be able to have some sort of savings, especially when they have children to care for. Are we a nation that takes care of its citizens, or not ?

Question- Should able-bodied, mentally capable adults who receive welfare be required to work? Response- Free education should be open to those who qualify, with an initial course of entry that teaches responsibility and time management efficiently. Training should be done, not instructing. Not everyone has the will to follow through with instruction when they get home, if they have a home to go to. The homeless need top priority, and care, with the option to go to school at federal expense.

Question- Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt? Response- A redistributing of federal funds should be made. Education and domestic spending should be top priority, along with infrastructure, and a remodeling of land transit, as well as conversion to underground power grids to avoid having to spend so much on natural disasters or accidents.

Question- Should the U.S. reduce corporate income tax rates? Response- Large organizations are what drive the US government financial ability. Without them, the nation will not survive as well as it could. The government could tax all of the population 90% and none of the large companies, and still not make as much as it would by taxing the major companies. Tax the companies, they can afford it more than the poor can.

Question- Should the federal government subsidize U.S. farmers? Response- Farms produce lots of food. Sell to other nations at a lower cost, and help provide for humanity. Give the farmers what they need to produce for the world. It is the responsibility of farmers to feed humanity.

Question- Would you favor an increased sales tax in order to reduce property taxes? Response- Land should be free of taxes only for citizens who buy it. Natural born citizens should not have to pay taxes, but have the option to pay citizen taxes to have benefits, such as tax free land ownership. Land taxes should be paid on the state level, and by those who are not already tax paying citizens. New citizens should pay both citizen and property taxes, and allow for their next generation to opt out of paying citizen taxes due to being natural born citizens over time.

Question- Do you support the Patriot act? Response- All suspects of any possible suspected situation should be presented in a court and open to the public awareness, regardless, both to protect the suspect and the nation. If the suspect did in fact have intentions of hostile actions, they will be monitored and everyone will know. Freedom is top priority, just the same, defense against potential threats to the nation are also vital. One can't sacrifice freedom for safety, that is wrong.

Question- Do you support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? Response- I support this as long as it is a choice by the consumers. This should be an option, not a mandatory thing when it comes to the public. The health care companies and Pharmaceutical companies are too oppressive when it comes to over charging for health care needs, and need to be regulated accordingly to prevent large corporate exploitation of the sick and suffering. Pain is not to be an industry to be profited upon.

Question- Should the U.S. maintain a presence at the United Nations? Response- The UN is an important aspect of Unity of the world. We don't want global division, we want unity, tolerance, peace and freedom. The United Nations allows for a globally united nation of many states in cooperation. It should not be bought or controlled by corporate powers, it should be maintained by a council of nations that don't restrict any other nations sovereignty. The US is a big player in the UN and should remain as such.

Question- Should the U.S. continue NSA surveillance of its allies?  Response- If we can't trust our allies, and our allies don't give us a reason to trust them, then they should be monitored, and just the same, if it is sound out that they monitor us, we should not have any negative thoughts on them. All parties should be open to allowing one another to monitor one another if they are to be fully in alliance. Trusting one another to put in place their own surveillance ability onto the other without fearing consequence. Only nations who seek to undermine their allies should worry, and that shows who has something to hide, and is an ally or not.

Question- Should the U.S. formally declare war on ISIS? Response- Gas them, or use chemical attacks. They can't wear gas masks with their long beards.

It matters not what skin a person has to be judged for their character. (04/15/2015) [Now I look back, someone already said this "Martin Luther King" said something very close to this.]


(Example of Corruption) - Vehicle Insurance Companies. To have vehicle insurance should NOT be a mandatory law, because that itself makes it a law to submit to paying the insurance companies.

This is an example of how corporations (like insurance companies) help political figures get high positions to help make such kind of oppressive laws that make it a law to pay them for having a vehicle. Who are they to make us pay for being licensed owners of vehicles from driving independent of insurance ?

The drivers license itself is a license to drive. Having the papers of ownership of a vehicle is the right to have a vehicle. We can drive and have a vehicle without having to submit to paying insurance. What about those who can afford not to have insurance ? And what about those who just can't afford insurance ? Vehicle Insurance should be a choice, not a law. 05/24/2015

The President does not determien how negative the military functions. It is the lack of creativity and copitince in military leaders that cause degrading military functional ability. 12/04/2015

So, how did life form ? I have an idea. Perhaps a shock of lightning that surged through the sea to kick start a pool of chemical reactions of minerals and carbons near a volcanic vent under heat and pressure might have formed a complex matrix of primitive genes early in the earth formation that thrived in whatever environment it existed in and in its changing environment adapted to the changes in great alterations that lead it to multiply its strain into newer things that eventually became what we recognize as microbes. 12/14/2015

The following were written in the last month of 2015:

-In life we take steps. Sometimes we slip and fall down those steps, and we get hurt. Some stay where they fall because it’s difficult to climb back up. But, to make it to the top, we can’t give up. We must keep climbing. So hang on, and don’t give up.

-The sky it the limit. But, past the sky is space. And in space, there are no limits.

-We have allot in common. One of those things we have in common is that we are all different. Together, like puzzle pieces, we make a bigger picture. It is up to us how we want that picture to look.

-Humans arrogantly live selfishly believing everything was made for them while temporarily experiencing their lives ignorant to the ever changing universe they evolved in.

01/02/2016: We live in a fascist universe. There are storms, predators, and cosmic things that could wipe us out. We are new to the universe, yet we have achieved great things. I don’t think it is against nature, being the fascist universe we live in, to overcome all opposition, including nature itself. If we can go to the moon, if we can see other worlds, we can build homes that are disaster proof on this world. We can colonize space. We can do anything. Because humanity is on the universes block now. We can adapt and survive and thrive in the universe, because we are intelligent and innovative enough to make it, and ambitious enough to do it.

To serve Freedom warrants a life of prosperity.
To serve Freedom in combat warrants a prosperous life of luxury.
To die in combat, serving for Freedom, warrants immortalization.

Natural selection happens in capitalism. The most greedy and corrupt of them all make it to the top. Their sheer egotistical selfish desires demand them to be the best and to win using intelligent strategies. But, natural selection goes further. It happens when the selfish rich take too much. Ignorantly, they are directly responsible for creating an overwhelming imbalance of wealth that causes others around them to be poor. Since they have the wealth and are technically capable of supporting the poor around them, it is their duty to support them in some way in a natural selection environment. Because, if they don't, and they don't provide jobs, if they don't pay enough for those jobs they make, if they continue to keep the wealth, and continue to neglect the poor, the poor will rebel, and will be violent, out of anger of realizing how the rich impact their lives negatively. So, let the rich keep sucking up the wealth, let them not share, let them not be charitable. That imbalance will cause a vacuum, and it will suck the wealth from them.
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