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Post  GPEO on Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:32 am


You have been messaged on the forum site about posting advertisements, or spam. Posting things not related to the forum that clutter the forum up in such a way that it turns visitors and members away, tarnishes its image or degrades it in some way hurts us, and we don't like it. You either are related to the virtual world the GPEO operates, or are related as a friend or foe, or a supporter in some way (or not), or you are a spammer that has no true purpose. Even the enemies of this virtual military organization hold a permanent non ban status. Spammers, hackers, are all not welcome. YOU are acting like a Spammer. If you post the same format of spam as your last comments, your profile will be removed, and any others like it will be as well.
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