EF-2000 Capabilities & Use

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EF-2000 Capabilities & Use

Post  Dragnoxz on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:27 am

The EF-2000 Euro Fighter is a small, light weight fighter plane capable of taking off at 80-90 KTS. It is capable of flying slow and is capable of landing on Carriers, (Pulling back on the stick after slowing to 60+ KIAS slows the plane down faster if landing on small strips or field). It can maneuver in tight turns. It can stop fast if rolled into 1 or 2 revolution Corkscrew-type rolls. It rolls up and rights its self level if it is tilted on its side, but does not right its pitch. It can fly at high altitudes well due to it being light weight. It conserves fuel very well, and can refuel in mid air with a drogue shoot. It can fly backwards, and if a skilled pilot is flying it they can control the plane in a flat spin and use it at their advantage, especially if an opponent is in a stall close behind (Using the self up-righting capabilities the plane has a pilot can control the direction in which the plane is falling, pointing the HUD onto a helpless opponent while both planes are in a stall. Waiting for an opponent to fall below a good thousand or so feet before pointing the nose down to follow would make it easier to gain a win).

The EF-2000 is difficult at taxing, and is slow at gaining its top speed, it stalls easy, but the stalling can be used to the pilot’s advantage when at high altitudes. (If an opponent is climbing up behind, a bad idea would be to turn and descend to get a quick kill. Instead the pilot should keep flying forward and climb to an even higher altitude to lure the opponent into a stall, waiting for their contrail to show up and to do a loop backwards, this will cause the plane to fly backwards a bit or to stall. Once the enemy gets close or the pilot senses that the opponent is having trouble maneuvering up this would be a good time to start a slow turn towards an opponent, trying to maneuver behind an opponent’s contrail slowly, trying to keep the plane on the thresh hold just before it stalls. Note: Try to keep the plane at 250-and-400 KIAS, and at a 4-6 G turn trying to keep the plane from stalling too much. It is better if you know the thresh hold of where the craft speed and stall ratio is and keep the plane right below its stall thresh hold at such high altitude, because once the plane stalls you will be vulnerable. Remember, being patient is the key when dog fighting at contrail altitude.)

The EF-2000 is mostly used for Dog Fighting, Fighter Intercepting, Escorting and High Altitude Recon. It is mainly for dog fighting, but can also land on carriers when using carrier based models.
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